Advantages And Characteristics Of Outdoor LED Screen Advertising

Advantages And Characteristics Of Outdoor LED Screen Advertising

1. Visual influence high

The LED Screen show has the characteristics of a large scale, dynamic and sound and picture that can all-round reach the audience's senses and effectively convey information to direct consumption. The attention the audience gets is daunting. The focus of the LED Screen has slowly become a scarce resource because of the limited memory space and the endless distribution of the information. The attention economy has thus become the biggest size for testing the advertising effect.

2.Great coverage

Outdoor LED screens are typically located in high-end industrial areas and heavily populated transport hubs. The LED Screen show triggers strong customer expectations and launches through high-frequency contact with consumers.

3. The public has a low resentment rate

Outdoor LED Screen ads will broadcast programs in real-time and through live broadcast technology to more audiences. The content includes themes, boards, variety shows, cartoons, radio dramas, TV series, etc., which are abundant in material, minimizing the communication difficulties created by the intentional avoidance of the advertising public. Research reveals that the tolerance rate of outdoor LED Screen ads is slightly lower than the dislike rate of TV advertisements.

4, Update town level

Use LED Screen advertising to publish some government information and town propaganda films that can not only beautify the image of the city but also improve the grade and taste of the city. LED Screens are now commonly used in sports facilities, venue centers, ads, transportation, etc., indirectly representing a city's economic, cultural and social life.