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How Is LED Screen Manufactured?

Do you ever wonder how you could make an LED screen? Know who's behind the monitors you'll find on your city's main streets? If you're curious or are thinking about buying one, you may wonder: How is an LED screen made? As experts in this sector with a great international experience in Visual LED, we want to tell you all the ins and outs of the industry so that, when the time comes, you can make sure that you trust only the best and enjoy extremely high quality LED screens.

Who manufactures LED Screens?

It is really important to always trust a supplier of LED screens to achieve the results you want and don't trust anyone who provides absolute bargains. There are several companies that serve as middle men, but they are not adequately experienced in this area, and they can often struggle to provide a tailored service, while manufacturers should pay attention to every detail and produce a show that matches each client's needs and the circumstances that may occur.

To guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, at Visual Led we design and customize the projects that our clients order to be able to give an adequate response to their specific needs.

How to manufacture LED screens

In the following article, we explain some of the most important issues affecting the manufacturing process of LED screens, depending on the different stages since the customer placed the order, focusing on the design and manufacture of structures, electronic components, assembly , testing and packaging to achieve customer satisfaction.

Order acceptance: When you have your LED screen 's final size, with all the features that you want it to have, all you need to do is formalize the order with the production company by authorizing a proforma.

Study: We continue to advise our team of technicians to build the project once an order has been formalized. In this phase, they will be dedicated exclusively to thoroughly studying all the features your LED sings or screens should have. These vary from the size whether it's an outdoor or indoor LED screen, whether it's supposed to be mobile or not, whether it's supposed to have an anti-theft feature ... In short, all the information needed to make the LED screen afterwards.

Structure: Those same specialists undergo the industrial design process in order to respond to consumer needs. It also involves installing the frame, that is, what the electronic portion of your LED screen will contain later.

Electronics: Design and electronic assembly is the most complex activity in the manufacturing cycle of LED screens and that which represents an added value for manufacturing. The electronic circuits are assembled to convert them into plates that are capable of playing static images in both color and motion.

Calibration: After the electronic components have been assembled, the LED Screen manufacturing process includes calibrating the brightness and color of the whole LED Screen assembly.

Assembly: All of this is then assembled into structural frames that will be used to house the electronic components thanks to the designs. This work requires a high degree of expertise, in order to avoid visual separations between each structure generated.

Checks: A variety of tests are carried out before proceeding with the production of the display to check the correct functioning of the LED screen and to complete the manufacturing cycle successfully. To assess the color quality, we use reproducing various test images. We use technological materials for these tasks which measure and adjust various parameters in each part. Therefore, we strive to build the highest possible display screen our customers can get.

Packaging: Ready for your phone! Now we just need to prepare the show very carefully so it's absolutely secure during the shipping process and arrives in good condition at its destination.

Shipping: We rely only on the best transport companies in Visual LED so that our goods arrive in ideal condition. Shipments are marked as regular delivery, i.e. more than 29 days after the formalization, and priority delivery, in which case the delivery should be made as soon as possible.

And that is an LED screen manufacturing process. Now you just have to pick the best place to position your LED screen and choose the content you want to play on it to start enjoying its advantages. And if you have any doubts or questions, remember, please feel free to comment or contact VisualLED, the manufacturer of your LED Screen reference company. Please go ahead!