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Make Sure You Understand Pixel Pitch Before You Considering LED Screen

Pixel pitch is a scientific unit of measurement when it comes to direct-view LED displays, but the concept has also become a primary means for manufacturers to differentiate and sell their products. Pixel pitch helps to differentiate levels of LED displays for consumers and ensures that the resolution and picture quality are improved.

Equipped with all the pixel pitch information, decision-makers can easily weigh their display size, distance viewing, resolution, and cost choices.

Pixel Pitch Basics

Pixel pitch is the millimeter (mm) distance from the center of an LED array, or package, to the center of the next LED package above, below and next to it. The LED sets, known as modules, are placed on circuit boards and backplates.

Through combining these modules into wider display surfaces, the LED video walls are placed together, holding them together like smooth tiles. The more packages of LEDs that are mounted on one module together, the more it will cost. Many of the manufacturing costs for LED screens contribute to the cost of the tiny LED lights within the modules, the cabling and the production processes.

Pitch and Display Resolution

When it comes to viewing assembly, a video wall 's total footprint explicitly relates to the LED Screens pixel pitch. This is particularly true if you are looking for a particular resolution to build a display wall, like a 4 K projection screen in a boardroom.