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What Should Pay Attention For Led Screen Maintenance

Led screen is a widely used commercial lighting, it can not only play the function of commercial lighting, but can also be used as advertisement screen, the Led screen is usually used outdoors, and if not for good maintenance, the service life would be greatly shortened, Led screen maintenance capability is quite easy. The following Xiaobian to look at what are the most important things that need care.

1, Keep full color LED screen, use large screen humidity setting, don't allow any moisture content of stuff in your full color LED screen big screen. A wide screen with a full color humidity filter allows the full color display parts to become corrosive and cause permanent damage.

2. Seek to keep items away from the screen that can damage the full-color display screen while gently cleaning the screen to minimize the risk of injury.

3, Full-color Led screen screen, and our users are most closely linked, good cleaning and maintenance work is needed. Long exposure to the outside environment, wind, heat, dust and others that are susceptible to dirty, the glass has to be a dust that needs to be washed in a timely manner to dust soil wrapped for a long time, the viewing surface results.

4. Ask the power supply to be reliable, and earth protection is fine, particularly in the abominable natural state don't use the strong thunder and lightning weather.

5, Air, iron powder, easy-to-conduct metal is strictly prohibited on board. LED monitor, large screen put in a low dust environment as far as possible, minimal dust will affect the monitor effect while small dust can cause circuit damage. When the water is flooded for different purposes , please immediately turn off the power and notify the repair workers until the inside of the display panel is dry and useable.

6, pay attention to switching series of Led screen and are usually the first to open the window to monitor normal operation after open Led screen screen, then turn off the window, first to close the Led screen, then shut off the computer.

7, Do not play in all white, red , green , blue and other full bright screens for a long time, so as not to cause unnecessary current, too big power cord heating, damage to the LED light, which affects the screen life.

8, LED screen, wide screen test periodically if usual work, if line damage should be repaired in time, line damage, fix or restore in time.