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What Should You Know Before Buying A Led Screen?

LED screen advertisement have a higher luminosity than LED TVs and other devices. Brightness is measured using nits or candelas per square metre. The higher the level of luminosity, the greater the brightness level.

Lower brightness displays are more costly, and use more electrical power. It is also important to select a screen with the right brightness to match your needs, so you won't pay extra for something that isn't needed. Indoor LED screens that are not weatherproof use LEDs with lower light intensity while outdoor LED screens that are water-resistant need to use brighter LED.

Choose your equipment’s brightness depending on the lighting of the future screen location


One of the most common misconceptions relates to the ambiguity between brightness and safety against heat. This error is caused by deceptive sellers who deliver to customers who don't need them costly and unnecessary outdoor LED screens, only to get a higher fee. The trick is not to say that there are higher brightness indoor displays, which can appear as bright and vivid as outdoor displays.

These indoor LED screens have no weather-resistant features as they don't need them. It will save you a lot of money because it makes the screen price much higher. The reality is screen brightness is entirely independent of its defense against heat.