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Brand awareness is considered as the first step to success reaching the buying intention of customers. Product or service messages able to successfully delivered after audiences are aware about the ads. Thus, though the method of advertising able to create the awareness of product or service, also known as the brand awareness. Meanwhile, Digital Outdoor Advertising works better on creating brand awareness. Besides, in order to be an efficient advertisement there are a couple of elements an advertising method should be reached.




Before being labeled as an efficient advertisement, ads must be the outstanding one. One of the aim of Digital Outdoor Advertising is to catch the first eye-sight of the audience before they look at others ads. Therefore by advertising using Digital Outdoor Advertising screen able to stand out from others compared with those non-movement advertising tools.




Digital Outdoor Advertising is the only advertising method that allow display timeline based or ads contain movement. Once audiences are curious about the moving object, they will look at it and at the same time exposure gained for the particular ads. The better the exposure, the higher the awareness of audiences or passerby towards the particular ads. Thus, this does create the possibility of ads owners reach a better reward.



Eye-catching will be able to gain the curiosity of audiences. This happened while there are several billboards situated at the same wall, the Digital Outdoor Advertising screen always will be the most eye-catching one. As always, human will first look at objects with movement as they have the intention to know what is going on.




When the advertising tools have achieved a certain level of exposure, it forms great attention from audiences. Audiences will be able to notice the advertisement as the power of Digital Outdoor Advertising grip their attention. This is the reaction of what it should have for effective or efficient ads.




Well, it wasn’t enough if audiences just paid attention to the ads displayed on the Digital Outdoor Advertising screen. They must be attracted by the ads after they notice it. With the application on the Digital Out Of Home Advertising screen, gorgeous and interesting ads will have higher ability to attract audiences. Audiences will tend to pay their time on the ads on the Digital LED screen.


Broad Reach

Advertising by using a Digital Out Of Home Advertising creates a broad reach for the ads. This is because Digital Outdoor Advertising did not choose to display the ads only for certain people because they display to every single passerby. Thus, audiences out of the ads owner target group will be able to become aware about the ads. Eventually, the expansion of  business opportunities for ads owners happened.




There is an ads element that must boost, the awareness. Awareness symbolized the capability of advertising by using Digital Outdoor Advertising. The quality of awareness can be boosted by the broad reach of ads created by the power of DOOH Advertising and the gorgeous and interesting ads.




The more audiences are aware of the ads, the higher the possibility of increasing the ads impression level towards audiences. An ads can mostly be named as efficient when reaching this stage, audiences have the impression about the ads that they saw from Digital Outdoor Advertising. The impression of ads will come to their mind when they think about something that is relevant. And this does give a big hand to ads owners on reaching the business opportunity.





As for information, the recognition of audiences towards an advertisement is the primary requirement for an effective ads. This represented the ads had been burned into the audiences or passerby mind after they watched the ads from the Digital Outdoor Advertising. Meanwhile, audiences have the superb buying intention towards the product or service.





There are 8 major advantages of 

Digital Out-Of-Home advertising able to form to increase quality of Brand Awareness. 

Those advantages such as outstanding, eye-catching, exposure, attention, attractive, broad reach, boost, impression and recognition. The pros of Digital Outdoor Advertising allow archive a higher opportunities to engage with consumers effectively. For instant, good quality of Brand Awareness represent the quality of brand image. At the same time, it also directly affects the success rate of the products and services.



Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising is a hybrid of traditional out-of-home advertising and digital elements. Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising used to deliver content to the public via Digital Screens. 



Digital Outdoor Advertising (DOOH) Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising provides marketers with a POWERFUL way to interact with consumers during the day when other channels are unavailable, thereby delivering consumers through messaging throughout the day. Whether it is a large screen or a display that is seamlessly integrated in a context-sensitive environment, outdoor is a high-impact format that affects consumers. Most DOOH venues support rich media creative formats to provide a highly engaging customer experience.


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