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Leads The New Form Of Advertising- LED Transparent Screen

Outdoor advertising Digital LED Screen is a wide application market. Traditional outdoor advertising mostly includes outdoor billboards, large lightboxes, posters and Digital Outdoor LED Screens which are basic in form, single in content and have some security issues. Many conventional advertising models are slowly obsolete in some areas with practical applications.

However, the conventional advertisement screen is usually opaque, and due to the choice of material and product technology, the weight of the general advertising screen is often heavier, and it will have a great effect of daylighting on the advertising space and will entail a high demand of support bearing. The Digital LED Screen, which is common in the field of outdoor displays, will scale tens of thousands of thousands of square meters, making the display body's weight easy to ascend. Digital LED Screen beads are bright and easy to cause light pollution. Digital LED transparent screen light transmittance, thin texture only avoiding these by the conventional screen brought several deficiencies. It can be seen that the transparent screen shows great consumer application trend in smart city advertising.

Digital LED transparent screen contributes to a new form of advertisement presentation which has become the latest society's phenomenon and is aligned with modern "innovation," "personality" and "special" ideas and social growth. The transparent Digital LED panel has tremendous potential in the future!