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There Are Some Variations Between LED Screen Inside and Outdoor

To most users, the difference between indoor Digital LED Screen and Digital Outdoor LED Screen may not be significant. Some users will also ask if they can transfer the Digital Indoor LED screen to outdoor use. This article explains in detail the difference between Digital Indoor LED screen and Digital Outdoor LED screen using National Color Optoelectronics, hoping to help your customers select the right products.

1. Brightness difference:

THE Digital Indoor LED screen has no high brightness specifications, and its primary application is the dynamic scanning circuit.

Digital Outdoor LED displays have higher brightness specifications because it is a static scanning circuit, and the difference in hardware between the two is very great. Dynamic scanning is the most relevant to save the display's hardware costs. The number of driver chips is more than ten-fold different, so this is a major decision too. Indoor screen brightness is relatively low, generally 1600cd / m2, which is only suited for indoor use.

2. Waterproof difference:

Digital Indoor LED structure requirements are basically non-waterproof, though the waterproof requirements for Digital Outdoor LED screens are very high, even if it is a simple waterproof treatment. Since they frequently face outdoor wind and rain, they have to be performed while manufacturing cables and casings. Waterproof treatment often differs according to shell structure specifications themselves.

In this regard, Huacai Optoelectronics guarantees to both new and old customers that all of our company's Digital Outdoor LED screen products have waterproof and lightning safety characteristics, and can endure the testing of the outdoor climate of the people.

3. The difference in line of sight:

Digital Indoor LED screens should be viewed from a short distance. Usually, the scale is between P1.5, P1.75, P2, P2.5, P3 and P4 and the area is fairly small, typically within 100 square meters.

Digital Outdoor LED screens require a fairly long viewing distance and typically the range is between P8 and P20. These versions of Digital LED screens have smaller pixel density, taking into account the real outdoor use scenarios and cost considerations, and are more suited for large Digital LED electronic screens outdoor applications.

Taking into account the above three factors, CTV believes that the brightness, waterproof treatment and model selection of Digital Indoor LED Screen and Digital Outdoor display are different, resulting in different production materials, accessories, boxes and other hardware, so Digital Indoor LED Screen and Digital Outdoor LED Screen cannot be mixed.