Kelantan Street Lamp Post Digital LED e Bunting Banner Poster Advertising Malaysia

Kelantan Street Lamp Post  is positioned at the busy traffic junction of Jalan Bayam and Jalan Dusun Muda. Digital LED e Bunting Banner Poster Advertising Malaysia location is mainly aimed at motorcyclists and drivers The location has a high traffic flow so that it is possible to attract the attention of road users to the Kelantan Street Lamp Post. Passersby from Jalan Raja Perempuan Zainab II can spot the Digital LED e Bunting Banner Poster Advertising Malaysia. Passengers on the other side of the road can also view the Kelantan Digital LED screen advertising.

Kelantan Street Lamp Post Digital LED e Bunting Banner Poster Advertising Malaysia

In comparison to other items such as chalkboards and pavement signs, Street Lamp Post Automatic LED panels may be used to attract passengers who might not be able to access your shop. We are also helpful in promotional promotions, deals and rewards, or in encouraging people to visit social networking sites to sign up for updates for the regular newsletter.

Street Lamp Post Electric LED Panel is power efficient. It requires much less power than conventional lamps, can be used for long periods, and is economical in quality.

Golden Rules For Marketing On Your Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting

The way you want to reveal it

Please call for action in your post. An action request guides the message whether passengers are invited to come to eat or legal advice at their dinners. 

• Change the content for daytime. For example, in a restaurant you can encourage special breakfasts in the morning, lunch in the afternoon and special dinners in the evening.   

• Do not swipe your texts through. When driving around drivers couldn't read easily. Keep the entire message fit for the screen short and simple. 

Do not use all big letters in the case of text or letters. Then you can use the title case to enhance reading for passers-by. 

Use simple fonts that are easy to read. The drivers have only a quick second, and don't slow down to translate fantastic messages, to look at and read your sign Firstly, it is simpler than serif fonts such as Times New Roman or courier to read without fonts like Tahoma or Verdana. Serif fonts are often difficult to read, and the interruption of the use without font is omitted in order to explain the text.

How to Know the Differences Between an LED Bunting and LCD Screen

It seems like there are numerous new displays: high-definition, 3D, smart, 4K, 4K Ultra, the list continues. LCD and LED are the two most commonly names. What is the difference among the two? Is there a distinction? And does this disparity make certain things, such as gaming and graphic design, superior in one direction or the other?

Are LED and LCD the same thing?

LCD displays are all LED buntings. However, LED bunting is not all LCD screens. Such as all eagles are birds, but not all birds are eagles. Although names can be confusing for those who wander through the data to find the best monitor, it is easier to understand as soon as you break it down than you think. 

We will clarify the hardware and the naming convention and highlight some HP monitors that could suit your needs perfectly. Let's find out what LCD and LED bunches are and how you can select the correct one.

Liquid crystal display explained

Both display types use liquid crystals to construct an image. In the backlights, the distinction is. While a standard LCD screen uses fluorescent backlights, an LED bunting uses backlights with light emitting diodes. Street Lamp Post LED Buntings are typically superior, but come in different backlight configurations. And some backlight settings produce better pictures than others.

LCD Screen vs. LED Screen - a brief history

The most commonly produced displays were plasma displays up to year 2014. The LCD took over, however, the liquid crystal display stands for LCD. In a minute, we'll be going over the meanings. But first of all, it is important to remember that an LED often uses liquid crystals. The "LED screen" is actually intended to be labelled "LED LCD screen."

The Advantages of Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting Advertising

As society grows and science and technology advances, famous brand companies are increasingly demanding outdoor publicity in Kelantan. Old outdoor advertising forms such as single-column advertisement, light-box advertising, bridge advertising and three-sided advertising, no longer satisfy customer needs. Outdoor marketers have had to follow the steps of technology, and Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings are best suited for outdoor promotion. What's better than regular external advertising for Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting?

1. The form of advertising

The conventional type of advertisement can only be seen in photographs and texts and the lack of imagination, which is easy to forget; and Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting typically produces a large number of people in public areas, highways, videos and vibrant advertising to bring the audience into active attention.

2. Power management and preserving the environment

Although the LED bunting used to transmit the advertisements is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it works 24 hours a day and completely adapts to the harsh outdoor environment Anti-corrosion, water, humidity, lightning safety, general anti-seismic health, cost-effective, good display health. Traditional advertising is not conducive to environmental conservation.

3. Release information

Traditional advertising every release of information has to re-design and upgrade the entire advertisement and time-consuming labor costs; manufacturers of LED buntings can only use the data line connection or wireless communication with the computer interface, as long as it is possible to use the basic computer settings to publish advertising content, both convenient and simple.

4. Advertising content

Traditional advertising content in the form of advertising is limited, does not fully express advertising content, and Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting advertisements, operators and publishers can still update LED bunting advertising content, only have the control machine to operate.

5. Release Time Long

All-weather broadcasting Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting advertising, a long time to the viewer, lets potential consumers directly crowd and low cost businesses get support advertising.

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