Jalan Cochrane Maluri Cheras Kuala Lumpur #SSB

Jalan Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur

Media Type : Digital LED Panels

Site Location : Jalan Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur

Size : H 6.3’ x W 3.15’ DS : H 1920 x W 960

Spot Duration : 20 seconds per spot (maximum of 20 slots)

Total of units : 20 units (14 units facing Pudu to Cochrane

/ 6 units facing Cochrane to Pudu)

Spot per Day : 153 spots per day / bunting

Spots per Month : 4,590 spots per month (153 spots x 30 days).

Operating Hours : 17 Hours (7am - 12 midnight daily)

Video Format : AVI, MOV

GPS : 3.133593, 101.722126

Est. Traffic : 130,000 daily

Located at one of busiest traffic junction in Jalan  Cochrane. Surrounded by world famous furniture store, IKEA, and shopping center MyTown. Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising is to capture motorists entering the IKEA and MyTown. It is targeting to capture the local & international professionals with middle to higher income who work within the precinct & vicinity. 

Passerby from Jalan Mahkota towards Jalan Cochrane are able to spot the Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising.  The distance of Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising is approximately 300 meter.

Digital screening for advertising is a persuasive way for publicizing and marketing purposes. LED screen advertising allows brands to stand out. The dazzling and vivid display, any brand could capture the attention of passerby instantly. The video images of LED screen advertising are able to piqued passerby’s curiosity. The LED advertising screens assist businesses to spread a message to people in order to increase customer base. 

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