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The Electronic Panel Advertising is located along Jalan Sultan Ismail in the busy traffic flow that is around the government association in Kuala Terengganu. A lot of cars along Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Masjid Abidin are stuck by the busy junction. It also has several banks nearby where the Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen can be seen by travelers and pedestrians. In addition, Electronic Panel Advertising are created to present unique opportunities for video content, in which particular content can be viewed at specified times. Furthermore, to unique audiences, everyone can transmit unique information. For efficient brand marketing, the Digital LED Billboard Advertising advertisement screen is ideal. Its attention-grabbing capabilities are the greatest benefit of Electronic Panel Advertising. From festivals to fairs to college activities, it's great for every sort of gathering. Thanks to its bright and dynamic display, Passersby is far more likely to pause and take in your post.


The sultanate and constitutive state of Federal Malaysia is Terengganu. At the Terengganu River, the coastal city of Kuala Terengganu is both the state and royal capital, as well as the largest city in Terengganu. The stunning tropical Perhentian and Redang Islands are the primary attractions of the state.

The relatively rural and tranquil climate in the state is conducive to a pleasant holiday for many travellers. The LED screen is located in an attractive location in Terengganu that can draw a large number of visitors, drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians to pay attention when passing through the city.

 Make Sure You Understand Pixel Pitch Before You Considering LED Screen Advertising

When it comes to direct-view LED displays, pixel pitch is a technical unit of measurement, but the term has also become a primary means for manufacturers to distinguish and market their goods. Pixel pitch helps to discern the levels of user LED displays and ensures that the resolution and image quality are enhanced.

Decision-makers can easily weigh their display size, viewing distance, resolution, and cost choices, equipped with all the pixel pitch information.

Pixel Pitch Basics

The pixel pitch is the millimetre (mm) width from the centre of the LED array or package, above, below and next to the centre of the next LED package. The LED sets are mounted on circuit boards and backplates, recognized as modules.

By incorporating these modules into broader display surfaces, the LED video walls are placed together, holding them together like smooth tiles. The more packages of LEDs on one module are installed together, the more it costs. Many of the manufacturing costs for LED screen advertising relate to the expense of the small LED lights' parts, cabling and production processes.

Pitch and Display Resolution

When it comes to viewing assembly, a video wall's total footprint specifically corresponds to the LED screen advertisements' pixel pitch. This is particularly true if, like a 4 K projection screen in a boardroom, you are looking for a particular resolution to build a display wall.

Leads The New Form Of Advertising- LED Transparent Screen

LED screen advertising is a wide application market. Most typical outdoor advertising includes outdoor billboards, large lightboxes, posters and ads for outdoor LED screens that are simple in shape, single in content and have some security problems. In certain fields of practical implementations, many traditional advertisement models are increasingly outdated.

However, the traditional advertisement screen is typically opaque and, due to the choice of material and product technology, the weight of the general advertising screen is often heavier and will have a great impact on advertising space by daylight and will result in a high demand for support. The LED screen advertising, which is popular in the field of outdoor displays, scales tens of thousands of square metres, making the body of the display easy to climb. LED billboards are bright and easy to cause light pollution. The LED transparent light transmittance, the thin texture of which was only avoided by the conventional screen, resulted in several deficiencies. It can be seen that the transparent screen shows a great trend in smart city advertising for consumer applications.

LED transparent screen contributes to a new form of advertisement presentation which has become the latest society's phenomenon and is aligned with modern "innovation," "personality" and "special" ideas and social growth. The transparent LED panel has tremendous potential in the future!

What You Need to Be Noticed When Choosing LED Screen Advertising

The aim is to add a screen to your LED screen advertising. For use outdoors or indoors. Focused on set images, text or graphics or videos. What kind of news, entertainment, or data do you want to pass on? Until you find the right one for your unique needs, it will help you narrow down the options.

Ask Yourself These Questions Consider These:


Factors Environmental Factors 

Matte displays are favoured for outdoor led screen advertising over glossy ones, since they are less susceptible to gorgeous, blinding glare.

Size Matter 

The larger the setting or room in which you put your advertisement screen, the more captivating and enthusiastic the results would be.

Compatibility With The Software

The device you are using should be consistent with each other, either as an integrated screen or as a plug-n'play edition stick and your digital lead advertisement screen, such as your advanced media player.

Resolution Matter

You should be aware that with the most recent HD models, not every HD show meets the requirements. A new HD edition can be offered as an LED screen advertising. Most players with digital signage can return automatically to the original resolution.

Top Best Digital Billboard Advertising Malaysia Digital Billboard Advertising


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