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Kota Bahru, Kelantan, the capital city of Malaysia, in Malay it means "new fort" or "new city". The town serves as the key gateway for tourists on their way to the stunning, tropical island of Perhentian. Special architectural royal palaces and museums are also located in Kota Bahru. In Kota Bharu, the Digital LED Billboard Screen Advertising is located. The Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen can be spotted by passersby from Jalan Raja Perempuan Zainab II. Also, passersby are also able to display the Digital LED Billboard Screen Advertising from the other side of the lane. Near the LED Screen, there are a few restaurants and office buildings, such as One Stop Kopitiam, BSN and Bank Rakyat. The LED screen's strategic position will target audiences such as working adults, wealthy homemakers, business leaders, and experts. The advantage of Digital LED Billboard Screen Advertising is that marketers are able to easily convey their brand message to the viewer.

LED Billboard Advertising Jalan Raja Perempuan Zainab 2, Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan (Nearby Bank Rakyat)

Kelantan's population is overwhelmingly Malay and the state is sometimes known as the 'Cradle of Malay Culture' keeping alive traditions such as kite flying, wayang kulit, songket weaving and batik design.  The local unique culture has attract thousand of visitors to Kelantan, combine these with rustic fishing villages, a sparsely populated interior, challenging mountains, spectacular rivers and mystical caves and you can see that Kelantan has something for everyone.  Due to Kelantan's relative isolation and largely rural lifestyle, Kelantanese culture differs somewhat from Malay culture in the rest of the peninsula; this is reflected in the cuisine, arts and the unique Kelantanese Malay language, which is unintelligible even for some speakers of standard Malay. 

​LED screen advertising serve businesses in reaching an adequate number of target customers that are potentially able to produce sales for the business. The displays' visibility are very high at close and longer distance due to its brilliantly sharp and bright screen colour. LED screen advertising which promoting a product can capture customers' attention and spread the message across the media.

What Makes An LED Screen The Right Option For You

There are a lot of display technologies, and what is the reason why LED screen advertising are recommended? The High Definition LED screen advertising will be the next step in digital display technology. As a fully interactive form of digital media, it captures attention and delivers a message with impact and vibrancy.


On a much larger physical scale, such as a flat-screen TV, images, video, text and live data can be replayed and displayed. Driven shows are entirely transparent and do not get washed out by harsh ambient light, unlike traditional show shapes. Provide one smooth video wall to make your post entirely impossible.

We have seen a number of bad installations where companies have chosen to install LCD display walls over an LED panel that provides very poor output in very bright areas. 

Ideal for use in very bright settings: exterior, displays, light atriums, 

A single block of video with no connections visible on the panel is absolutely seamless-an LED screen advertising.

Size factor-Large scale LED screen advertising only produce such effects

Compared to other types of displays, better value for money-screens will have greater efficiency and lower costs.

Trend About Outdoor LED Screen Market

The mechanics of the current advertising world have changed radically. For the LED innovation, a large round of applause. The LED stands for a light emitting diode, in nature. This is a semiconductor that absorbs light from the visible spectrum at separate wavelengths. In simple terms, a flat panel screen or monitor is the outdoor LED signage. It is a community of clustered, one-pixel LEDs. The display of information supports such pixels. On these screens, they have high luminosity. Interactive outdoor signs, video walls, LED billboards and perimeter boards are part of the outdoor LED screens advertising.

1.Valuation of the global LED market

The Global Outdoor LED display industry worth around $4billion in 2016. It is anticipated that the figures will display an upward trend of about $14 billion by 2023. The CAGR will increase by 21.7 per cent from 2017-2023.

Did you know that, in 2016, electric billboards earned highest revenue for all outdoor LED advertising applications? Although the category that was individually installed was instrumental in market growth. It is hoped that the CAGR will increase in the coming years by more than 20%.

2.Key players of the outdoor LED screen advertising market

The outdoor LED display market was largely dominated by Asia-Pacific in 2016. It earned about 40 percent of the overall market share in 2016. In the years ahead, the industry is expected to expand further. Japan, China, India and other countries are many of the key potential players.

3. The increasing popularity of outdoor LED screen advertising

Outdoor digital displays are popular every day. It is mainly due to innovation and advances in technology for outdoor LED display making. Today, massive sales have been induced by wireless control systems, high lighting, crisp quality images and automated LED screen advertising. The use of this extremely useful commodity has been expanded by the high-tech development of new LED screen advertising. They are widely used in open space gatherings, sporting galas, carnivals, festivals, and other metrological alerts.

Golden Rules For Marketing On Your LED Screen

The way you want to reveal it


Top Best Digital Billboard Advertising Malaysia Digital Billboard Advertising


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