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Macau Black Sand Ring Macau Daily


The Black Sand Ring Macau Daily Digital Screen Advertising is located at the intersection of Northeast Avenue and Avenida Muras, on the outer wall of Macau Daily. It is the core business district of the northern district of Macau, with a traffic flow of over 350,000 per day.

The Black Sang Ring Macau Digital Screen Advertising involve large advertising area with the lower screen position that closer to the sight height of the pedestrians. It will easier to the audience notice the advertisement easily.

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Macau Macau Tourist Tower

澳 门 旅 游 塔 大 屏

The Macau Tourist Tower Digital Outdoor Advertising is located under the Macau Tower, the landmark of Macau, the screen size: 9.5*12=114㎡.

The Macau Tourist Tower is also one of the most well-known attractions in Macau. The area will include with huge number audience, so the Digital Outdoor Advertising able to reach the potential markets.

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In Macau, we are pleased to provide our best and quality Digital Screen Advertising Service with creative solutions to the public.

We cooperate with Macau to spread out Digital Billboard Advertising in Macau to all around the world. Meanwhile, the advertisers can easily target more potential audiences to view the channel and also can expand their future market in Macau.

We promise that we will make every attempt to personalize the Macau Digital Outdoor Advertising that is the greatest fit for your needs based on your specifications. Please contact us if you are interested in advertising services on the Digital Out of Home Advertising of Macau.

Macau Digital OOH Advertising Raise Eye-Catching Effect

An eye-catching LED Billboard Advertising in Macau is a combination of several visual aspects ranging from the image or video itself to things as basic as the colors and fonts you choose. They may seem unimportant, but fonts have a significant impact on what your Digital Screen Advertising in Macau.

Therefore, it will established the development of advertising effect to the public as the advertisers able to deliver their brands message at Macau.

DOOH Advertising in Macau Provide Broad Reach

The Digital Billboard Advertising in Macau is available on broad reach impact for the advertisers. The advertisements that are placed here are not just meant to reach the target audiences; rather, they may be seen by anybody who passes by. Consequently, it is able to improve the brand's reputation thanks to Digital Outdoor Advertising. An effective advertising with eye-catching features will be better able to grab viewers' attention. Therefore, the advertisers able to expand the brand recognition to the audience in Macau through the commercial video displaying on the Digital Out of Home Advertising in Macau.

Macau LED Screen Advertising Allow Attention Of Audience

The advertising for a brand, product, or service to the public was the possible goal of using Macau Digital OOH Advertising that being promotional marketing strategies to raise attention from the audience since the large presence involved at the public in Macau.

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