Jalan Raja Chulan & Jalan Kia Peng Kuala Lumpur #SOH

Jalan Raja Chulan & Jalan Kia Peng Kuala Lumpur

Media Type : Digital LED Panels

Site Location : Jalan Raja Chulan & Jalan Kia Peng Kuala Lumpur

Size : H 7.5’ x W 4’ DS : H 384 x W 192

Spot Duration : 20 seconds per spot (maximum of 12 slots)

Total of units : 19 units

Spot per Day : 270 spots per day / bunting

Spots per Month : 8,100 spots per month (270 spots x 30 days).

Operating Hours : 18 Hours (7am - 1 midnight daily)

Video Format : MP4, AVI, MOV

GPS : 3.151816,101.713199

Est. Traffic : 30,000 daily & 10,000 daily 

Strategically located at the intersection of Jln Kia Peng and Jln Raja Chulan near to Wisma Genting. Targeting traffic from Jln Kia Peng heading into the shopping district of KL. This is one of the main road leading into the city and bumper to bumper jam throughout the day. 

 Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising allows marketing messages to be repeatedly exposed to targeted consumers, resulting in a much greater impact. It can reach wider consumers, especially consumers who are sometimes inaccessible. Passers-by who stop while waiting for the traffic light to green will definitely observe the LED display more than once or repeatedly. 

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