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Trend About Outdoor LED Screen Market

The mechanics of the new world of ads have changed drastically. A big round of applause for the invention of LEDs. Essentially, LED stands for a diode emitting light. This is a semiconductor that absorbs the light in the visible spectrum at various wavelengths. The outdoor LED signage is a flat panel screen or display, in plain terms. It is a set of LEDs clustered in one pixel. These pixels aid in displaying information. These screens have high luminosity. Outdoor LED Screens include outdoor digital signs, video walls, LED billboards and perimeter boards.

1.Valuation of the global LED market

The Global Outdoor LED show market worth around $4billion in 2016. The figures are expected to indicate an upward trend of about $14 billion by 2023. From 2017-2023, the CAGR will rise by 21.7 per cent.

Did you know that, in 2016, electric billboards received highest revenue for all outdoor LED advertising applications? Though individually mounted segment was instrumental in market development. It is hoped that the CAGR will rise by more than 20 per cent in the coming years.

2.Key players of the outdoor LED Screen market

For 2016 the outdoor LED show market was largely dominated by Asia-Pacific. In 2016, it won approximately 40 percent of total market share. The industry is expected to grow more in the years ahead. Many main players potential are Japan, China , India and other nations.

3. The increasing popularity of outdoor LED Screen

Digital outdoor displays get common day by day. It is primarily due to creativity and developments in outdoor LED show making technology. Wireless control systems, high lighting, crisp quality pictures and automatic LED Screens have caused huge sales today. The hi-tech production of modern LED Screens has extended the use of this extremely useful product. In open space meetings, sport galas, carnivals, concerts, and other metrological alerts, they are commonly used.