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Kuantan is the state capital of Pahang, Malaysia. The Digital LED Billboard Screen Advertising  is strategically located at the Jalan Tun Ismail and Jalan Putra Square cross traffic light junction. It is the heart of Kuantan Triangle Business District with shopping mall such as Berjaya Megamall, East Coast Mall, commercial banks and hotels surrounding it. The Digital LED Billboard Screen Advertising  may assists businesses in reaching a satisfactory number of target customers that will be able to generate more product sales.

LED Billboard Advertising Jalan Teluk Sisek, Kuantan, Pahang (Nearby Peugeot, Ford)

Jalan Teluk Sisek is situated in Kuantan, Pahang. It is located near the mouth of the Kuantan River and faces the South China Sea. Kuantan is known as the largest city in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen is located at the busy traffic flow junction at Jalan Tanjung Lumpur and Jalan Teluk Sisek. The location of the Electronic Panel Advertising screen is mainly targeting traffic entering the shopping mall and Gio mall which can grab the attention from the motorcyclist and drivers.


Pahang is a large state in Peninsular (West) Malaysia. Pahang is known for its mountains, rainforests and beaches, including the white sands and coral reefs of Tioman Island off the east coast. The state capital, Kuantan, is a major seaport. In the west, the gentle hills of the Cameron Highlands include resorts, tea plantations and terraced farms, and the village of Fraser’s Hill resembles an English hamlet. It is the third largest Malaysia state by area size and ninth by population. Recent years, the popularity of durian has been rise, it lead a large number of visitor to Pahang as it's main exporter of durian. 

Digital screening for advertising is a persuasive way for publicizing and marketing purposes. LED screen advertising allows brands to stand out. The dazzling and vivid display, any brand could capture the attention of passerby instantly. The video images of LED screen advertising are able to piqued passerby’s curiosity. The LED advertising screens assist businesses to spread a message to people in order to increase customer base. 

Top Tips to Remember When Choosing an LED Screen Advertising

You need to realize that LED screen advertising are appropriate for minutes that save energy. With regards to showing clear pictures, utilizing LED screen advertising will be fitting. Led screen advertising match different applications and functions. You ought to see how straightforward a reasonable LED screen advertising will be to connect with your crowd. You might need to consider ending your LED screen advertising to take care of the expenses. When picking LED screen advertising show you need to recall the accompanying tips.


You need to ask what kind of Butterfly LED screen advertising you need before you get one. You ought to recall that various kinds of LED screen advertising rely upon the planned use. At that point you need to survey the powers of utilizing LED screen advertising prior to picking one. You can pick an outdoor LED panel or indoor panel. Because of the details, it will be ideal to choose whether you need an indoor or outdoor LED screen advertising. The sort of LED screen advertising you are choosing will suit your assumptions.

The subsequent component to consider while choosing LED screen advertising is the size. The quantity of watchers on abdominal muscle LED screen advertising will choose the size you'd prefer to pick. LED displays come in various shapes and sizes. People could choose to offer a remote view of both the LED billboard that is a large nightie. You could choose the size that matches both you and your target audiences prior to actually purchase LED screen advertising.

Before selecting an LED display, you have to weigh the brightness and resolution. The best LED screen advertising will have a decent pixel count to make sure the images are visible. You need to find LED screen advertising with highly variable brightness so that you can select the one that is appropriate for viewing. It would be perfectly safe if you chose for LED screen advertising that wouldn't strain your eyes. Advantageous LED billboard advertising also tends to come with antifreeze lenses to decrease eye strain.


Once selecting an LED advertising screen, you would need to assess your financial plans objectively. LED screen advertising costs more because of the additional features it includes. It would be better if you opted for LED screen advertising in your financial position.

You're going to choose the LED billboard that matches your interests. 

 The Outdoor LED Screen Advertising Has Rise the Importance in Today’s World

It is difficult for many companies to cope with this highly technologically advanced world. This increases the demands and introduction of new technology which can automate manual work and reduce time. Outdoor LED screen advertising is an instance of the increasing pressure people are trying to overcome. Modern home, banners and so on are commonly used as marketing tool. Even so, the introduction of SMD LED screen advertising has brought a whole new level of attention.

As the sales of such advertisements continued to increase, so do the outdoor advertising standards. It is one of the most popular advertising devices in the world today and is becoming more and more popular in Gulf countries. Many corporations have used LED corporate advertising to make their official communications look more professional. People all assist build a positive image within the business and help with improved communication opportunities to hold meetings in a better atmosphere. Businesses have also began to use digital advertising teams. Not only are these players to help to draw the interest of audiences, they also generate miracles when adding new common brand images. Advertising plays a vital role in boosting revenue and sustaining a brand identity that helps you to sell. Every business should have reliable features before it can purchase its products and services. Companies with creative advertising methods are booming because they just have something new to promote their business and spend money on it. Any money spent on advertising is a very great investment. Consumers don't have to spend their money on ads to dream of a digital return. Ads are measured in terms of brand value, brand image, brand image and brand recovery. If the ad is properly placed, the actual impact is very good. Building a brand of a company is basically one of the reasons why advertising is so essential.

Video wall rentals and self-service interactive kiosks are tools that businesses rent to promote their outdoor business. We conclude that we are doing well when it comes to any company that might become potential customers. Most importantly, brands need to retain the excitement generated by advertising by providing promised services and working to improve and enhance business services and goods. Led Screen advertising  also provide a way for potential buyers to start trusting your brand and add value to your brand, in addition to helping businesses compete in the market.

Large Outdoor LED Screen Advertising For Your Business

 Competition is much more extreme from small to medium-sized enterprises, people don't travel as much as they used to, and all companies around the world are searching for new digital marketing strategies to attract consumers to their shops and don't spend as much as they used to.

If you're searching for an outdoor LED screen that's catching your attention, business might just be the thing you need. Today, LED screen advertisement is the best type of commercial LED screen advertising on the market, which is brighter than any other sign, while using less energy, and is also indefinitely reusable. And, an ordinary Windows Desktop or mobile device need to operate one.

The advertising programme for outdoor LED screens is intended for easy integration into modern business networks or can be run on a single, stand-alone device. You can post and post messages from here on the screen moments later, as well as add pictures, cartoons, or videos. It can be switched on, working continuously during the day, even if your store is closed.

You can play new messages quickly and easily for the app whenever you need it. Put up special announcements for five minutes, then return to your regular rotation. You can actually do it right now

from anywhere on the road, using your iPhone or iPad!

You can have your own commercial LED screen advertising running 24/7, whether or not the store is open, and you can change the reminders even when you're relaxing at the end of the day.

What applications can use

external LED screen advertising? 

Drugstore: The Green Cross led pharmacy display will draw the attention of people from a

distance that you are a drugstore.

Auto dealers: In reality, new arrivals' videos are bound to get buyers into the house, ready to see the cars themselves.

Cinemas: Massive commercials for outdoor LED screen ads ensure that everyone can see the display times, even motorists driving by!

Industrial: LED screen advertising from the industry will direct tourists around the complex and ensure that they arrive at your office safely.

Banks: bank LED screen advertise the existing prices. "Refinance your home, as low as 4.2 percent !"

Ice Cream Parlors: "Today's Special Flavours are...."

Convenience stores: Inform commuters about the specials for your breakfast. "Sausage biscuit and coffee, only $1.50!"

Restaurants: Put your special du jour up in lights with a brilliant full-color illustration that will have you drooling.

You really have almost unlimited options, and since advertisements for these LED screen advertising can last at least 1000 hours with virtually no maintenance, you will appreciate their advantages for a long period!

There is an outdoor LED screen advertising that will accommodate any company with a wide range of available pitch, sizes, and usage choices. If you need a large outdoor led billboard to hit individuals from the highway or a small window device for your specials, LED screen ads to bring clients into your business shops! 


Top Best Digital Billboard Advertising Malaysia Digital Billboard Advertising


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