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Perdana Heights is strategically located just 3.8 kilometres away from Sungai Petani town centre. Sungai Petani town centre is the main centre of economic and cultural activities for the locals. Lot 88 is one of the fastest growing major towns in the northern region. The Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen is mounted on building in Lot 88 Perdana Heights, Sungai Petani. The Media Display Board Advertising screen is near to an intersections where there are a lot of passerby that will stop by the traffic signals for a few seconds every day. 

LED Billboard Advertising Caltex Bandar Laguna Merbok, Persiaran BLM 6/2, Bandar Laguna Merbok, Sungai Petani,Kedah

Sungai Petani is a town in Kuala Muda District, Kedah, Malaysia. Sungai Petani is Kedah's largest town.  Bandar Laguna Merbok is a matured township with residential and business units. The Media Display Board Advertising screen is located in Bandar Laguna Merbok. Residents staying nearby will use the crossroads where the  screen is located. Advertisement delivered on the Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen receive more impressions as it stands out due to the vivid display.


In Malaysia, the state of Kedah is the oldest, with record dating back to the 5th century. In the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, Sungai Petani is the largest town in the state of Kedah. The word "Sungai" means river and "Petani" in the Malay language means farmer. Sungai Petani provide high potential of growth in tourism industry, for example, in Historic Themes, Ecotourism as well as Aqua sports. Currently, Ecotourism is in continuously develop.

Since Sungai Petani is constantly developing tourism, this will be a good location for your Advertising Campaign.

Leads The New Form Of Advertising- LED Transparent Screen

Outdoor LED Screen Ads is a wide market for applications. Most typical outdoor advertising includes outdoor billboard, large lightboxes, posters and outdoor LED screens that are simple in shape, special in content and have some security problems. In certain fields of practical implementations, a lot of traditional advertisement models are increasingly outdated.

The typical advertisement screen, however, is typically opaque, and the size of the general advertising screen is always heavier due to the choice of material and product technology, and it will have a significant effect of daylighting on the advertising space and will require a high demand for support carrying. In the field of outdoor displays, the LED screen, which is popular, can scale tens of thousands of thousands of square meters, making the weight of the display body easy to ascend. LED screen beads are bright and light exposure can be caused easily. Transmittance of LED transparent screen illumination, thin texture only avoiding these by the traditional screen brought some shortcomings. It can be seen that in smart city ads, the transparent screen demonstrates a great user application trend.

The transparent LED screen leads to a new type of advertising presentation that has become the phenomenon of the new culture and is associated with contemporary "innovation," "personality" and "special" ideas and social development. In the future, the transparent LED panel has enormous potential!

3 Ways To Boost Revenue With LED Screen Right Now

It's the new year and everyone is looking for ways to boost revenue. Strangely enough, you are, too. So, have you been dreaming about using your company's LED screen to raise revenue? In order to build revenue streams where there were none before, brands, retailers, businesses and even colleges incorporate more digital devices than ever before.

Here are three ways you can 'go digital' and improve your income:

1. Add LED screen at or near the point of purchase-Since digital screen content can be updated quickly and easily, you can play with and customise your message to consumers perfectly to drive more sales, introduce new goods, boost promotions, run "flash sales" and more. These strategies have always been around for marketers, however, reaching the customers with fast, meaningful results in such a complex way has never been so simple.

2.Using the LED show as an ad network-ad income is king these days. Everything around us, TV, internet, cell and outdoors. What if you could add value to your bottom line by selling ads on your own LED advertisement network or selling your screen space to another ad network provider? At an early stage, the potential is there, however,  I believe that you will begin to see more services very soon with this business model.

3. Using the LED screen would theoretically save money. Printing posters and marketing items is costly. Not just the direct printing expenses, but also the energy costs as well as the human capital of printing, shipping and installing signage over a given year can really add up. 

What Should You Know Before Buying A Led Screen?

Advertising on LED screens has a higher luminosity than LED TVs and other cameras. Per square metre, light is determined using nits or candelas. The higher the luminosity level, the greater the level of light.

Displays with lower brightness are more expensive and use more electrical resources. To fit your needs, it is also important to choose a screen with the correct brightness, so you won't pay extra for anything that isn't needed. Indoor LED screens that are not weatherproof use LEDs with lower light intensity, while brighter LEDs need to be used for outdoor LED screens that are water-resistant.

Choose your equipment’s brightness depending on the lighting of the future screen location


The uncertainty between brightness and protection against heat is one of the most common misconceptions. This mistake is caused by dishonest vendors who offer expensive and wasteful outdoor LED screens to consumers who don't need them, just to get a higher fee. The trick is not to assume that there are indoor displays with greater brightness that can look as vibrant and vivid as outdoor displays.

As they don't need them, these indoor LED screens have no weather-resistant features. It will save you a great deal of cash because it makes the price of the screen much cheaper. The fact is that the brightness of the screen is totally independent of its protection against heat.


Top Best Digital Billboard Advertising Malaysia Digital Billboard Advertising


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