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Tips Use Digital LED Screen For Your Small Business

The Digital LED Screen technology helps you to view ad styles in a continuous slide show so bear in mind the recommendations below when programming your sign.

Business Times

Customers don't want to waste time driving closer to your building and find out you've already locked. You have to go beyond the little sign that displays your business hours on or near your door. Instead, place your hours on your Digital LED Screen so visitors know in advance whether you're open or closed. Placing special hours for vacations would also be of great help.

Popular ads for goods or services

Does it have a particularly common product or service in your business? If so, show the offer on your Digital LED Screen. This advertisement will reinforce and draw more attention to the reputation that you already have for providing that service or product.

Sales and special deals

Send onlookers pictures of discounted goods and include the special price for each item if there is a sale at your company. Offer each product its own slide to avoid confusing potential buyers with lots of detail, if you have several products on sale.

New Products or Incentives

Your Digital LED Screen provides the perfect chance to announce new offers. Also, if you want to convey new rewards or advantages to your customers for each of your services, show those promotions also on your label.


While being easily ignored, length plays a major role in measuring the effect the ad has on the viewer. The Digital Outdoor LED showtime is approximately 10 to 25 seconds. Longer content than that isn't effective as the audience might see the end and miss the start or vice versa.

Resolution of LED Screen

It is vitally important that your Digital LED Screen resolution is fine. The size of the Digital LED Screen directly influences its resolution. Apparently Digital Outdoor LED Screen has an inverse relationship to resolution. The greater the size of the Digital LED, the lower the resolution thereof. So, it's important to make sure the content is pixel-perfect to the physical resolution of digital signs.

Contrasting Colors

Be mindful of contrasting colors. The concepts of color theory still hold true in the era of digital signage. You may need to use contrasting colors, to make the text stand out. Any examples will be yellow to black, black to white, white to black, black to purple, white to blue, green to white, yellow to blue, white to green, etc. For example, avoid using similar colors, such as pink on red.