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LED Billboard Advertising Jalan Panglima Awang,Taman I-Lagenda,Melaka (Nearby Aeon Melaka Sentral)

Jalan Panglima  Awang is a well known with it high traffic and there is the Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen is located. The screen is situated between the Tesco shopping complex and Aeon Bandaraya Melaka. The screen targets traffic entering the malls for shopping. Along the road towards AEON, the Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen is placed. One of the effective marketing engagement strategies to increase brand recognition for the target audience is the Digital LED Billboard Advertising.

In front of the Hatten Hotel Malacca in the Ayer Keroh area, there is where  Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen is located. The road has a high flow of traffic led by the Jalan Tun Khalil Yaakob vehicle. The Melaka Digital LED Billboard Advertisement Screen's strategic position will draw the attention of passersby, such as working adults, business leaders, professionals and urbanites.


Malacca, also known as Melaka, is the name of a small city in the centre of Peninsular Malaysia, as well as of an equally small state. As for the city, Malacca was founded in the 15th century before other bigger cities, such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang, and is the oldest and most historical. Although there are a few Malaysian cities older than Malacca, such as Muar, Malacca is celebrated for the important role it plays in the history of Malaysia.

Since Malacca has many historical sites and a lot of history and culture, it is a tourist destination that many foreign tourists will prefer and even locals will travel there. Malacca's traffic flow is very high, hence, Malacca is a good place for LED screen ads

Upcoming Growth in the Outdoor LED Screen Market

In Year 2016, the international market of outdoor LED Screen was worth at $4 billion and by Year 2023, the market is estimated to reach at $14 billion. This means the market is registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21.7% from Year 2017 until Year 2023.

The LED is a semiconductor chip that emits lights in a visible range of a different wavelength using the Light Emitting Diode technology. Infrared and ultraviolet radiation is also emitted. In the marketing world, LED displays are prevalent because they display graphical graphics which including traffic signs, scoreboards and promotional advertisements. You could see LEDs installed for entertainment on shows, highways, houses and stadiums. The aim of mounting an LED screen is to broaden the scope to a large population.

The innovation in technology has contributed to the growing popularity of outdoor LEDs in recent years. Instead of high energy video displays, we have efficient energy LED screens currently. For outdoor LED screens, features such as better picture quality, wireless control systems, automatic LED screens and high luminosity may have a bright future.

 Such innovations in LED technology which including digital signage, sports stadiums and concerts as well as daily weather forecasts have powered their use in live events. However, there are other disadvantages that prevent investors from investing in LED screens such as unforeseeable demand and high initial investment. These two factors are significant constraints on the growth in outdoor LED screen demand.

Market Insights

In order to produce a video display, the LED screen uses a large range of light-emitting diodes as pixels. Owing to their relatively high brightness, LED displays are primarily suitable for outdoor use. Some common examples of outdoor LED screens are LED billboards, video walls and perimeter boards.

The effectiveness of LED Screens has made them a popular destination for advertising purpose. Furthermore, LED signs have replaced the static signs on public transport. There are some  different segments of the international LED market display which including technology, display type, size and so on.

In  Year 2015, a high-quality and full-color LED displays led the entire market largely because of their outstanding ability to deliver impressive video and animation resolutions.

In the technological sector of the LED market, installed outdoor LED screens were the most common digital displays. In Year 2015, they accounted for most of the market sales and there has been a rise in their demand over the years.

Monochrome, Tri-Color and Full Color Display

There are three major outdoor LED screen segments which including full-color displays, tri-color displays, and monochrome displays. Over the years (2016-2024) Tri-Color, outdoor LED Screen’s market is going to rise at an annual growth rate of 22.3 percent . The growth is attributed to high product deployment in perimeter boards and scoreboards.

Additionally, full-color versions are being introduced through numerous sectors. There has been a rise in their demand over the years due to their ability to depict high-quality images, high-quality content and high-quality videos. By the end of Year 2024, the size of the outdoor full-color LED market seems to have almost doubled.

OLEDs are also becoming extremely famous, for example, LEDs. They are used widely in many methodologies and applications in advertising. The most famous of these applications are traffic lights. Traffic lights lead to almost 11.5 per cent of the total outdoor LED screens on the market based on the research. In Year 2016-2024, the outdoor LED traffic market is going to grow at a CAGR of 19 percent. Because of its energy efficient and low maintenance features. There is a high likelihood that by Year 2024 and  it would cross sales of around USD 1.95 billion.

Top Tips to Remember When Choosing an LED Screen

You need to realise that LED displays are appropriate for occasions that save electricity. When it comes to displaying clear images, it will be fitted with an LED screen. Various applications and ceremonies are matched by LED displays. You should understand how easy it will be to engage your audience with a suitable LED screen. To cover the costs, you may want to consider terminating your LED screen. You have to consider the simple instructions when you select led screen display.

Before you purchase it, you have to ask what sort of Butterfly LED screen you want. You should consider that the intended use depends on various types of LED screens. Then before you select it, you need to determine the intensity of using an LED screen. You could even look for an indoor or outdoor LED panel. It's best to determine whether you need an indoor or outdoor LED screen because of the requirements. The type of LED screen you choose will fit your expectations.

The second element that should be taken into account when choosing an LED screen is its size. The number of viewers on the LED screen will dictate the size you want to select. Different shapes and sizes come with LED displays. You may decide to give a distant view of an LED screen that is big nightie. Before buying an LED screen, you could pick the size that will fit you and your target viewers.

Before choosing an LED display, you need to consider the brightness and resolution. To ensure that images are viewable, the best LED screen will have a good pixel count. You need to find an LED screen with varying brightness so you can select the one that's fit for viewing. If you chose for an LED screen which would not strain your eyes, it would be safer. In order to reduce eye strain, beneficial LED screens also come with antifreeze lenses.

You need to critically analyse your financial plans when selecting an LED screen. Due to the advanced features that it provides, the LED screen would cost more. If you chose for an LED screen that is within your financial situation, it will be easier.

You will want to select an LED display that meets your interests.

What You Need to Be Noticed When Choosing LED Screen Advertising

The intention of installing a screen for your LED Screen whether for outdoor or indoor usage. It needs to be focused on images, text and videos or graphics. You need to determine the news, entertainment or information you want to pass on. It will help you narrow down the options until you find the most suitable one for your unique ideas.

Ask Yourself These Questions Consider These:


Factors Environmental Factors 

For outdoor ads, Matte displays are chosen because they are less susceptible to magnificent, blinding light than glossy displays.

Size Matter 

The larger the environment or space in which you position your advertising screen, the more the impact will be captivating and enthusiastic.

Compatibility With The Software

The device you are using, for example, your advanced media player need to be compatible with each other either as a built-in screen, or as a stick for a plug-n'play edition  as well as your digital led advertisement screen.

Resolution Matter

You need to consider  that not every HD display reflects  the specifications for the latest HD models. A new HD version could be marketed as a LED screen.  Normally most of the players with digital signage might automatically return to the original resolution.


Top Best Digital Billboard Advertising Malaysia Digital Billboard Advertising


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