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Why Choose Digital LED Screens?

LED technology has powered the big digital outdoor advertising movement since the advent of the first billboards more than 200 years ago. Digital LED screens allow marketers to communicate with their clients like never before and billboards provide a host of advantages over traditional printed media. Agencies may help to advertise more ads per venue, with the opportunity to schedule several spots a day while cutting lead times. In addition, the strength of Digital LED guarantees fantastic visibility for marketers, with vivid, vibrant colors and excellent clarity in day or night conditions. Digital LED Display will of course provide complete moving imagery and video in non-roadside locations, producing interactive, immersive promotions that require attention.

End to End Solution

We have fully designed and project-managed solutions for your products from the conceptual stage and across their lifespan. ADI's in-house personnel oversee the entire design, development and construction process, including architectural and structural steelwork designed to suit each project's requirements. Holding these tools in-house helps us to have better quality assurance and project management, while at the same time being able to respond more quickly to any challenges that these large-scale steelworks inevitably present!


Reliability is a key factor in the Digital LED Screen market, with a promotional benefit to every second of broadcast. For enhanced peace of mind, offers real-time control of every device on our network. Remote performance monitoring allows us to constantly track programming and operating variables, and highlight alerts, and serve as an early warning system for any possible issues. This is assisted by professional HD IP cameras that provide confidence that your computer will be working at a glance. As well as the ability to provide live internet streams for broadcasting or your own operational needs, our monitoring tools are a vital part of our service and maintenance program , providing early detection of any possible issues and enabling several to be rectified without a site visit, helping to save time and money while reducing service interruption.

Service and Maintenance

Unlike many of our competitors, ADI operate a full in-house service department to provide lifelong maintenance of your Digital LED Screens. We provide regular maintenance at scheduled service intervals, as well as support contracts with a guaranteed call-out times from our network or service engineers, which combine to ensure maximum reliability throughout the lifetime of your screens.