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CF Toronto Eaton Centre

This spectacular high definition digital screen, the only commercial advertisement screen in London's Leicester Square, is one of the biggest at 63m2 in central London. It is housed above the flagship West End entertainment venue of Vue, a London landmark dating back to 1938 with a legacy in large screen entertainment. This mega premium digital screen, central to the entertainment district of the capital, linking Covent Garden & Piccadilly Circus, links advertisers to three distinct viewer groups: foreign visitors, UK tourists & locals in London. Size : 12.4m x 5.2m, Loop Length : 6 x 10 seconds

Toronto St. Andrew's Subway Station Tunnel

Canada DOOH Advertising Digital OOH Advertising Digital Outdoor Advertising Digital Out Of Home Advertising North America

The Digital LED screen that located at Toronto St. Andrew's Subway Station Tunnel is the longest and largest indoor Digital LED screen in the downtown subway tunnel of the town. The tunnel that Digital LED screen located is the connects tunnel 121 King Commercial Center to the St. Andrew's Station subway center. The passerby at the tunnel receives over 1.2 million people per month. For Toronto, with its sparsely populated and long commute times, this is a relatively densely populated. Also, here is the area with high traffic volumes and a central transit hub for commuters.

322 Yonge St (Roof)

Digital LED screen here placed outdoor and it come in set too. This outdoor Digital LED screen situated at 322 Yonge St (Roof) and it come in set. Besides, 322 Yonge St (Roof) located 166 meters north of Dundas Square and Toronto's Eaton Centre. Due to the large number of pedestrians and high vehicular traffic, the advertise slot of Digital LED screen is very sought-after. The size of Digital LED screen has a 16'x21' central screen flanked by two 10x20 screens. It can display dynamic video, static images or a combination of both. Traffic here having an average of daily foot traffic 58,197.

Dynamic Funds Tower, Yonge Street

Digital LED screen mounded above the entrance of Dynamic Funds Tower. Fortunately, the tower was located at a cross-junction of Yonge St and 1 Adelaide St E. While Digital LED screen was directly facing the beautiful building, Delotte. Opposite Dynamic Funds Tower situated a micro-classical look building where HSBC Bank in it. The Digital LED screen can be easily found as the it mounded on the eye-catching front beam of Dynamic Funds Tower.

Royal Bank Plaza

For extra information, Royal Bank Plaza know as the skyscraper in Toronto Ontario, Canada. The owner of Royal Bank Plaza is Oxford Properties and it also managed by them too. Before entering the tunnel where the Digital LED screen situated in, is a must for user to pass by Royal Bank Plaza. This is because, Royal Bank Plaza is the main entrance to the tunnel. The entrance of tunnel located in Toronto's most densely populated financial center, between St. Front and St. Wellington Bay. Monthly pedestrian traffic of the are a where the Digital LED screen located have a total of 3,865,708.

Atrium on Bay (AOB) Media Tower

Canada DOOH Advertising Digital OOH Advertising Digital Outdoor Advertising Digital Out Of Home Advertising North America

The electronic screen group is located in downtown Toronto, on the corner of the highest intersection in Canada, sitting in the famous Yonge-Dundas Square. The plaza has top brand urban assets, including Canada's largest digital display (CF TEC Digital Tower) and large static/digital signage on the Atrium of the Bay (AOB) Media Tower. Realize your brand's vitality on the huge and breathtaking brand city outdoor advertising display, attract attention and drive action for your brand. The flow of people is about 146,200. Screen size: AOB1: 29.5m long * 18.2m high, AOB2: 12.2m long * 9.1m high, playback format: video (no sound) playback time: 10 seconds / 3 minutes (05:01-23:59), playback Times: 380 times

Toronto Underground Tunnel

The Digital LED Screen Advertising here come in a set, 7 pieces of screens. Those screens located at Richmond Adelaide Centre; Royal Bank Plaza; 121 King W.; 25 York; Metro Contre; WaterPark Plaza; and Richmond Adelaide Complex. Toronto Underground Tunnel, where the 7 screens located, is a 27-kilometre underground pedestrian network in downtown. This tunnel connecting 50 office towers and subway stations in downtown Toronto. Besides, the tunnel network covers more than 1,200 stores, services and entertainment venues. Which mean that the Digital LED screen is located in a central route for Toronto's daily commute. Therefore, a single set which is a total of 7 Digital LED screens able to reach an average monthly foot traffic of 9,418,024 people.

Entrances of One Richmond, Yonge Street

A total of 2 Digital LED screen situated here on the east and west sides of Yonge Street. It is in the heart of downtown with access to Toronto's main highway, the Gardiner Expressway, just south of Yonge Street. For an easy describe, in downtown of the east side of Yonge Street and the west side of Yonge Street. The location where Digital LED screen located able to attract a large number of pedestrians' attention. The Digital LED screen can accommodate full motion video or Still images. The estimated daily foot traffic in this area is 59,895.

25 York Street Subway Access Point

25 York Street is connected to the Toronto Downtown Underpass via the Union Station GO Bus Terminal. Therefore the target audience of the Digital LED screen is those who heading to several buildings. Those buildings audiences heading to such as South Downtown The Financial Building, Scotia Bank Arena and Maple Leaf Square. Maple Leaf Square is known as the Toronto's largest arena for various sports and concerts. Therefore the foot traffic here show that it have a Average monthly approximately 1,120,000. This does brings benefits to ads owner as a better exposure for their ads.

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