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What Are The Advantages Of Advertising Led Screens?

Outdoor advertising is one of the marketing techniques which has expanded the most globally in recent years. A sweet moment, in contrast to a steady lack of interest in conventional marketing. And both factors explain why LED screens advertising is a commodity that is growing in demand.

In the current context, dominated by new technology, companies are no strangers to the drawbacks of lifelong ads: besides requiring greater economic expenditure, it is not easy to quantify their effect and require numerous resources for producing and sustaining advertising messages, particularly when it comes to developing, installing and replacing them. In view of this situation, LED screens are an ideal choice.

Furthermore, several recent findings support the efficacy of these types of advertising and communication. A study indicates that 4 out of 10 customers claim that they pay attention to outdoor ads, without going any further. A data that would possibly have been higher had they not been asking directly regarding moving pictures, which appear to be even more compelling for passers-by.

That's right: There's no limit to the advantages of commercial LED screens here. We invite you to get to know them.

Find the benefits of LED Screens

The truth is digital signage is on the rise. Yet what allows companies to adopt this advertising model with open arms? There is really no single factor, but a combination of advantages make LED advertising billboards a safe bet for any company. Below we'll describe them.

• It allows much more creative messages and formats. It is no secret to anyone that originality is an essential requirement to attract the attention of passers-by. So, you do not need to give it up, it is essential to avoid time or format limitations. This is something that digital advertising billboards can offer you. With them, it is the advertiser who decides how to combine videos, photographs or text messages. The only limit is your imagination. Do you accept the challenge?

• They are perfect to personalize the message. In an increasingly diversified and competitive market, offering advertising that is as close as possible to the needs and preferences of potential buyers is an irreplaceable aspect. According to a survey by Econsultancy, this is what 94 per cent of salespeople believe, which claims that a customized website is important to success. When using outdoor LED screens, unlike static advertisement billboards, you can choose when and where to launch a particular information and ads, depending on the business goal at which the brand is targeted. Of example , in the case of a child-friendly product, the moments before or out of class could be the best choice of influencing the little ones and the family members who accompany them to school.

• The number of announcements and messages that can be issued is unlimited. Forget the limitations of traditional signage, which is only suitable to broadcast a single ad during a given period. With LED Screens, it is possible to broadcast countless contents 24 hours a day.

• They offer a long durability. Visual Led’s LED Screens have been designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, which contributes to lengthen its useful life and, therefore, the its return on investment.

• Provide higher quality than conventional television monitors. LED advertising screens provide a higher brightness and resolution than traditional monitors, ensuring that the message will be seen perfectly, even in broad daylight, when the sun hits the screen directly.

• They reflect substantial savings. Discarding the current signs greatly decreases the costs of modern ads. It ended up having to recruit workers for the installation and removal of paper posters with LED advertising. The contents can be configured and controlled remotely from any computer that has an Internet connection with this. Likewise, the energy expenditure of the LED is significantly lower than that of conventional luminous signs, which translates into a substantial reduction in the electricity bill.

• These are suitable for ads written by third parties. In this way , the company earns additional profits from which the return on investment ( ROI) would be much easier to guarantee.

• Hiring experts from the design sector is not appropriate. Due to the software that Visual Led integrates into its giant LED displays, the advertiser himself will be able to easily build and program content without the need for advanced knowledge of design or computer science. We give you online courses to produce qualified and successful outcomes. And if you don't have time to spend on this process, a talented team can produce amazing ads for you to give your company the exposure it deserves.

• It's a kind of publicity that can't be avoided. Unlike internet advertising, where ad blockers can not be used to view ads or remove advertising modules with a single button, and television or radio, where you can adjust the channel when the commercials are on, billboards often influence someone who sees them, because they can not be avoided. It's impossible for potential buyers to disregard the video because of its position and its dimensions. Even standing at traffic lights can be a strong friend to attract thousands of people 's attention every day. A billboard can be a strong incentive after returning from the job, which is a moment of the day where many consumers take advantage of their purchases.

• May be paired with other advertising forms. The fences are another aid in outdoor ads and are mostly used on poles and facade structures. However, you can also find other formats to strengthen their impact among potential consumers, such as LED totems, suitable for installation both inside and outside shopping centers; indoor LED screens, LED banners and luminous signs, increasingly present in a great number of commercial premises.

Contrary to what many people believe, LED Screens are not just for large corporations. Gone are the times when only multinational businesses could afford to occupy a billboard. Today, digital advertising has democratized this type of outdoor media, putting it even within the reach of SMEs.

In addition, this type of advertising makes the consumer emotionally connect with the message. This increases and strengthens the knowledge of the brand (branding), which in the long run translates into greater prestige and greater sales opportunities.