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ledscreenads.com is a dedicated Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising website. We are specialist on DOOH Advertising Service. Advertisers can place ads on any digital screens advertising in our DOOH Ad Network Listing with our team assistance.

If you want to perform some DOOH advertising planning. Please let us know about your DOOH Ad Content, Target Area, Ad Campaign Date... 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries.

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Our Team Successfully assisted over 600 Commercial Activities, Government & Education Program, Medical Campaign & Other Events to Advertise more than 1.6k Ads.




Digital Billboard 226   |   Roadside Digital Panel 707   |   Indoor Digital Screen 1,336 

Our DOOH Ad Network has grown to include many well-known cities throughout the world, including Malaysia, China, the United States, North America, England, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and more countries are coming soon...


Digital Out Of Home Advertising is the same as Digital Outdoor Advertising. Abbreviated as DOOH Advertising or Digital OOH Advertising.


What is DOOH Advertising ? 

Any digitized display advertising that appears in a public area is referred to as DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) media. Digital billboards, outdoor digital signage, and networked digital screens are all examples of this...



Why DOOH Advertising ? 

One of the difference between Static OOH and Digital OOH is movement of ads. Static Outdoor Advertising include billboard, bunting, poster and etc., that able to found once people out from their house. As everyone know that a print out materiel will not be any movement with it. While Digital OOH able to display ads that have movement which is also known as the video ads. For instance, what we had saw from online like video ads from YouTube, Facebook or others social media. When come to attractiveness, Digital OOH always be the better one as it contain movement.


Advantage of
Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising 

Eye-Catching, Outstanding, Attention, Attractive, Brightness, Movement, Impression,  Exposure, Reach, Image, Effective, Brand Awareness, Boost, Recognition, Powerful,  Efficient