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Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement

DOOH Team Solution, being a responsible player in Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising Services industry, is committed to promoting the highest ethical standards and upholding integrity and professionalism in its day-to-day business. As a regulated entity in Malaysia, the DOOH Advertising Agency endeavors to be in full compliance with the laws and regulations within the jurisdiction where it operates.

The DOOH Advertising Agency takes a serious zero-tolerance stance on any form of bribery or corruption in all its dealings and business operations. The DOOH Advertising Agency sets a strict expectation whereby no person (or party) undertaking business on behalf of, or acting for, the DOOH Advertising Agency, shall in any manner pay or receive a bribe for any reason (or consideration) whatsoever. Accordingly, the DOOH Advertising Agency shall enforce strict disciplinary action on any employee found to have breached the Agency’s policy on anti-bribery and corruption, which may include dismissal and any other action deemed appropriate.

The DOOH Advertising Agency also wishes to remind that it takes a similar zero-tolerance stance on bribery and corruption in relation to all external parties (including but not limited to clients, customers, vendors, service providers, or suppliers) and would not hesitate to prohibit future business dealings should any party be found to have acted in contravention to the DOOH Advertising Agency’s policy.

We look forward to grow our business responsibly, whilst ensuring compliance to the laws and regulations where we operate. We would appreciate all counterparties to join us in our efforts to ensure ethical, fair and transparent business conduct in all dealings with us in line with the spirit of the Anti-corruption and Bribery Laws where the DOOH Advertising Agency operate.


The DOOH Advertising Agency has provided an avenue for all employees, directors, shareholders, customers, consultants, vendors, contractors, agencies, and any parties with a business relationship with the Agency to whistleblow any act of bribery and/or corruption in relation to the DOOH Advertising Agency’s business as follows:

Writing in to the Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising Agency’s Managing Director at
No. 56 & 58, Jalan Ampang, Kampung Masjid Jamek, 31900 Kampar, Perak, Malaysia; or

Email to ledscreenads.com@gmail.com

The DOOH Advertising Agency prohibits any retaliation against any individual who, acting in good faith, makes a disclosure about any alleged corrupt activities involving the business of the DOOH Advertising Agency.