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Golden Rules For Marketing On Your Digital LED Screen

The way you want to reveal it

• Provide in your post a call to action. A call for action makes the message direct, whether it calls for passengers to come and eat at your diner or come in for legal advice.

• Change the material to match the time of day. For example, if you own a restaurant you can be able to advertise morning breakfast specials, afternoon lunch, and evening special dinner deals.

• Don't swipe through your texts. Drivers couldn't read easily while driving by. Hold it short and easy to the screen where the whole message will suit.

• Don't use text with all capital letters or letters in the lowercase. Then you might use the title case to make it easier for passers-by to read your message.

• Using simple and easy-to-read Fonts. Drivers just have a short second to look at your sign and read it, and do not slow down to translate fancy lettering. For starters, it's easier to read sans fonts like Tahoma or Verdana compared to serif fonts like Times New Roman or Courier. Serif fonts can often be difficult to read and the use of sans font removes the interruption to make the text appear clearer.