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What Are The Thing LED Screen Can Be Done

Digital LED Screen Can Display Time-Sensitive Messages

Most businesses are spending money looking for commercials that can endure the activities they are promoting. Digital advertising will reduce waste by flipping over automatically at certain times. Take a TV show commercial for example. Traditionally, ads for a weekly TV show would have to air during the week, but the program wouldn't be on six of the seven days. So a TV channel advertising on a billboard with Digital LED screen should make sure it also advertises the shows that viewers will watch directly after they see the commercial. It's a smart way to raise the return on investment for the commercial.

The Same Digital Billboard Can Display Two Entirely Different Advertisements Just Minutes Apart From One Another

A conventional billboard can only view one ad at a time, so the transition from an old ad to a new message will take hours to complete. With Digital LED Screen this is not the case. On a fixed schedule, a digital billboard can be loaded with multiple messages which it cycles through. Companies advertising on Digital LED screen will buy the ideal amount of ads to match their needs and budgets. That means there is no need to pay extra to monopolize a whole billboard if you think you can just as easily share the room. Say goodbye to all one-size-fits-all ad purchases!

Digital LED Screen Can Convey A Sense Of Urgency

By nature most people are procrastinators. If there is something they can put off, they will. Because of these companies lose profits all the time. Customers may plan to make a purchase, but they decide to wait until later and never end up spending a dime. It is necessary to establish a sense of urgency to resolve this propensity, and Digital LED Screen is equipped for this task in a unique way.

It has a ticking timer that can have a significant psychological effect on those who move. It tells them that time is not limitless, that if they don't want to miss their chance to see a game they need to act swiftly. A conventional billboard may be updated every day, but a digital billboard has the benefit of ratcheting up the frequency by the hour, minute, or even second with updates.

Digital LED Screen Can Engage With Customers On A Grand Scale

Some of the easiest ways to ensure repeat business is by establishing a deeper relationship with your customers. Billboards used to be a somewhat impersonal form of advertisement in the past but Digital LED screens will make contact between you and your customers easier. Just check out the Pattison One stop and Spacing Magazine initiative here. They asked people to tweet letters of love to Canadian cities and then broadcast those letters in the cities. Traditional billboards may have displayed a single message but hundreds of messages a day could be shown on the Digital LED screen. Citizens got to see their own words on billboards around the world, news media got a patriotic tale to tell, and plenty of great Publicity earned from Pattison's shopping centers. It is the kind of marketing-win that Digital LED Screen makes.