Penang Street Lamp Post Digital LED e Bunting Banner Poster Advertising Malaysia

Penang Street Lamp Post  is located along Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth Penang. It is located in front of the SJK(C) Kwang Hwa and is surrounded by a shop and a restaurant. Digital LED e Bunting Banner Poster Advertising Malaysia will be viewed by motorists heading towards this street as the expressway has a heavy traffic flow.

Penang Street Lamp Post one of the  famous Komtar Tower on Penang Island is well positioned at the viewing point confronting Jalan MacAlister/Jalan Dato Keramat traffic junction with Jln Penang & Jln Magazine. Prangin Mall, Super Komtar, Gama and Time Square are the shopping centers. Digital LED e Bunting Banner Poster Advertising Malaysia.

Penang Street Lamp Post Digital LED e Bunting Banner Poster Advertising Malaysia

Outdoor advertisement is also important if you are trying to reach a specific market locally. Street Lamp Post Automated LED Panel takes the photographs to life and is especially effective at moving merchandise and signature knowledge of the passers-by. Due to their advantages over other offline tools and services, successful ad campaigns requires easy, focused visuals and advertisers support Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel

Our Street Lamp Post Automated LED Panel can be used as a key link in the marketing and advertising chain, helping advertisers to navigate their communications through all touch points.

More and More Businesses Choose Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting Advertising

The big brand companies have increasingly higher Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting advertising needs with the growth of society and the advancement of science and technology. The fairly old Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting ads style (such as single-column advertisement, lightbox ads, bridge advertisement, triple-turn advertising, etc).  In Penang, the requirements of customers are no longer fulfilled, and visual fatigue has been caused by conventional Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting advertising. The pace of technology and Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting advertisements must be kept up with outdoor marketers, so what's better than conventional outdoor advertising?


Only in pictures and photographs can the conventional type of advertisement be seen, and lack of creativity, easy to make people forget. However, ​LED Bunting usually set up public places and traffic arteries with a large number of people, attracting the active interest of audiences in the form of interactive, vibrant, colorful advertisements that have a wider variety and are more obligatory than traditional media in Penang.


The typical understanding of commercial releases is not as simple as the Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting. Each time conventional advertisement releases information, all advertising that needs labor costs and time consumption must be redesigned and replaced. Manufacturers of Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting only have to connect to the system via data cable or wireless communication, as long as it is possible to use a simple device configuration to publish both convenient and fast advertising content.

The scope of the conventional type of ad is limited, and it is difficult to completely express the quality of the ads. And Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting ads, operators and publishers can update the content of ​LED Bunting advertising at any time, only the system needs to be run and monitored, no other external restrictions hinder the process of updating.

Main Things to Consider When Selecting a Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting Rental 

When it comes to viewing crystal-clear images, Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings are very energy efficient and are the best. With Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings, you can quickly communicate with your audience and make your event a success. This is the reason why Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings are in demand these days  in Penang. Therefore, if you intend a project, you need to think about the rental of ​LED Buntings in advance in Penang.

The reasoning behind this is that it can be costly to purchase one or more displays, particularly if you only have such events once a year. The most affordable option would be the rental Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting. If you want to rent these ​LED Buntings, before choosing the best Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings, you may need to consider a few items.

The naturalness of the case

The very nature of your case is the first thing to remember when choosing to rent Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings. You want to host an event in Penang, for example, indoor or outdoor? Then ensure that the Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings can endure extreme weather conditions externally when it is an outdoor event.

Quick to install

Many rented Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings use the same technology for displaying content. However, installation varies according to the brand that you choose. Fully installed Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings saves money and time when you need to mount. It is important to ask you how easy it is to install while renting Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings for your case. Many LED Bunting allow you to employ a specialist, while others are easy to install by taking steps alone. It is advisable to get simple Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings to install, as they save time when you install and uninstall them.

The screen size

Different shapes and sizes come from Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings. You should select the size that is appropriate for your event. For example, if you host a major event in Penang like a wedding and need LED Buntings to entertain your guests, you can choose a wide​LED Bunting that allows visitors also to see clearly in the distance. If you have small Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings, your guests would feel disconnected otherwise.


In the case of Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting rental, you must be conscious that there are countless options and costs. When you evaluate your needs, the next thing to consider is your budget. Each project has Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings, and you have to keep in mind a schedule to avoid overconsumption. If you can get a decent LED Buntings for your budget, you will have to spend more. Feedback from multiple experts can also be obtained before making sure you get the best possible offer.

Make Sure You Understand Pixel Pitch Before You Considering Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting

Pixel pitch is a scientific measuring unit in direct Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings, but the concept also has become a prime way to distinguish and sell their goods. The pixel pitch helps distinguish Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings levels for customers and increases resolution and image quality. 

Decision makers can easily weigh their display size, distance views, resolution and cost choices, with all pixel pitch information.

Pixel Pitch Basics

The pixel pitch of the Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings array or package is the millimeter (mm) distance to the next ​LED Buntings package at the top, the bottom and next. The LED sets are placed on circuit boards and plates, known as modules.

The Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings video walls are placed together and hold together as smooth tiles by the combination of these modules into wider display surfaces in Penang. The more Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting packages placed together on a module, the more it costs. Various manufacturing costs for Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings are contribute for the costs of tiny LED lights in the modules, cabling and production processes.

Pitch and Display Resolution

In viewing the assembly, the overall footprint of the video wall refers explicitly to the pixel pitch of the Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings. This is especially true if you are looking to create a display wall with a specific resolution, such as a 4 K projection screen in a boardroom.

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