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The Advantages of Outdoor LED Screens Advertising

With the growth of society and the advancement of science and technology, major brand companies are constantly demanding on outdoor ads The old outdoor advertising types, such as single-column advertisement, light-box advertising, bridge advertisement and three-sided advertising, no longer meet consumer needs. Outdoor marketers have had to follow in technology's footsteps, and outdoor advertising with LED screens are better suited. What makes for better outdoor LED screens than conventional outdoor ads?

1. The form of advertising

The traditional form of advertising can only be shown in pictures and text, and lack of creativity, easy for people to forget; and LED Screen usually set up a large number of people in public places, traffic arteries, direct, image, vivid advertising to attract viewers in the form of active attention, a wider scope than the traditional media more compelling viewing.

2. Power management and preserving the environment

Traditional advertising is not conducive to the conservation of the environment; although the LED screen used to transmit the advertisements is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it operates 24 hours a day and fully adapts to the harsh outdoor environment Anti-corrosion, water, humidity, lightning protection, overall anti-seismic health, cost-effective, good show health.

3. Release information

Traditional advertising each release of information has to re-design and redesign the entire ad and time-consuming labor costs; LED screen manufacturers can only use the data line link or wireless communication with the computer interface, as long as the basic computer settings can be used to publish advertisement content, both convenient and easy.

4. Advertising content

Traditional content in the form of advertising is small, can't completely convey advertisement content, and LED screen ads, operators and publishers can still update LED screen advertising content, just have to run the control machine.

5. Release Time Long

Outdoor LED television advertising all-weather broadcast, the audience time is long, will help direct potential customers crowd, and companies with lower costs get help advertisement.