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The screen is situated next to the Johor Bahru City Square shopping mall at Jalan Wong Ah Fook, in the busy flow of traffic. The Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen location is specifically aimed at traffic entering the shopping mall that can draw the attention of motorcyclists and drivers. The Media Display Board Advertising screen can helps corporations meet a satisfactory number of targets customers that will be able to generate more product sales.

Larkin is a suburb in Johor Bahru, Johor. The Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen was situated opposite the CIMB Bank at Jalan Abad, Jalan Kebun Teh, Larkin, Johor Bahru. Since there are a few nearest shopping centers including MB Point, Larkin Pertana, Plaza Larkin and others, the Electronic Panel Billboard Advertising screen can help users gain more knowledge from consumer viewership, demographics, and through digital signage analytics, it is also possible to obtain sentiment analytics.

The advertising screen was  situated at Wisma Daiman, Jalan Sulam, Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru, Johor. It is  nearby Public Bank. The Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen can easily attract public attention since  it is next to the  Public Bank and near the roadside which no building can block. The mobile data can be used by the Media Display Board Advertising screen to recognize locations with a high concentration of target markets for the brand and to relay brand messages to increase awareness and build interest among consumers.

Pasir Gudang is a city in Johor Bahru District, Johor, Malaysia. The LED screen was located at Jalan Besar, Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru which nearby Johor Port Authority. The Digital LED Billboard Screen Advertising can easily draw attention to the people who wait for the traffic light. The selection of advertising screen can be used in campaigns. It also can helps advertisers to use rich media, such as video, to be better storytellers.

Kluang is in the centre of the Malaysian state of Johor. It is geographically located at 110 km north from Johor Bahru, east-southeast of Batu Pahat, west of Mersing and south of Segamat. The Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen locatedvat Jalan Mersing, Kluang, Johor. It is beside of the Clinic Khoo nearby TMpoint Kluang. There are high traffic flow on the crossroads, it can able to grab the attention of drivers and motorcyclist toward the Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen while they are waiting traffic light.

To commemorate the contribution of Alsagoff, the main road situated in the center of Pontian town, starting from the Pontian Kecil River Bridge and ending at the Pontian Besar River Bridge was named Jalan Alsagoff. The Electronic Panel Billboard Advertising screen is positioned along Jalan Alsagoff, Jalan Delima,Pusat Perdagangan Pontian, Johor. It is near to the Mc Donalds. There are several landmark from the Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen location such as MC Donalds,7-Eleven and so on. The Electronic Panel Advertising screen located at there can help to transmit the message to the passerby.

Jalan Tanjung Labuh is situated in Batu Pahat, Johor,Malaysia. The Media Display Board Advertising screen situated at the Jalan Tanjong Laboh, Jalan Inang, Taman Mewah, Batu Pahat, Johor. The Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen able to draw the attention of motorcyclist and drivers. The Media Display Board Advertising screen is the easiest way to acquire new customers for a company business and get them to make additional purchases, which is known as customer retention.

Yong Peng is a town in Mukim Tanjung Semberong, Batu Pahat District, Johor, Malaysia. The Digital LED Billboard Screen Advertising screen is placed at the Jalan Yong Peng, Jalan Besar, Yong Peng, Johor which is near to the Yong Peng Police Station. The location is considered as there are several choices for dining such as KFC, Cafeteria, restaurant and so on. The Digital LED Billboard Screen Advertising screens allows businesses to reach a large number of viewers as well as attract a wide range of potential customers.

Johor LED Billboard Advertising

Johor Bahru, capital of Johor in the south of western Malaysia, is the second most populated city after Kuala Lumpur. The gateway to Singapore, the two towns are connected by a bridge slightly more than 2 km long. There are numerous shopping and entertainment centres in this bustling city. While there is little to attract tourists in Johor Bahru, this regional transport hub is an excellent stop for travelers to Singapore or the natural attractions of Endau Rompin National Park, Tioman Island or Kukup. 

Johor Bahru is actually a very cheap place for Singaporeans to shop. Because of this, several expats are currently relocating to Johor from Kuala Lumpur. The city is Southern Malaysia's main industrial, tourism and commercial hub, and one of the country's largest industrial centres. Johor Bahru's population growth rate is among the fastest in Southeast Asia. Therefore, Johor is a good location for advertising on the LED screen.

How To Choose The Right LED Screen Advertising

Should you need to choose an LED Screen advertising advertising for your business in Johor, you need careful planning and consideration to choose the best choice for your business requirements. In this quick guide, we've attempted to explain the basic concepts of LED Screen advertising advertising and LED Screen advertisings to assist you make good decisions. Even so, the much more essential step in deciding on an electronic sign is to seek advice a specialist supplier company to recommend you on the product available for your individual needs. We suggest that you fill out an internet quotation form and our LED specialists would get back to you with the highest quality products and solutions for your individual needs.

What is a LED screen advertising?

LED Screen Advertising is an electronic sign composed of a matrix of personal LED lights (LED pixels) that end up making a picture, message or multimedia together. LED pixels are placed very close together and the eyes will not be allowed to see all the gap between both the pixels from a relatively distant distance, leading in an appropriate picture quality with minimal pixilation. Compared to LCD digital signage (like TV), LED signage and LED screen advertising offer lower resolution leading to a smaller number of pixels. And yet light output and colour manufacturing is so much more eye-catching than is essential for outdoor as well as digital signage behind its window.


Viewing Distance

LED Screen advertising age's most critical angle is seeing distance. At the point when individuals in the vehicle driving rapidly observe your sign from a significant distance then you need a huge size of the character to make it meaningful. Generally speaking of the burial place, for each 100 ft of survey distance you need in any event 2 crawls of character stature to make it meaningful. You can require greater size for full-shading sign with picture and video backing to establish a superior connection with the crowd.

Traffic design is another critical factor in the size of the advanced signage. You can choose more modest size with higher goal (pixel pitch) if your sign is seen in by individuals in generally close to remove (like malls). 


Advertising Media

Publicizing content frequently relies upon the size of the advanced signage. On the off chance that you need to utilize just LED Screen advertising looking over content, you can choose the base tallness of the characters. So in the event that you need to have a full-shading LED Screen Advertising to have an eye-discovering LED Screen Advertising with picture, foundation and video uphold then you need to make it greater to have more space for picture, foundation and other vivified object on your computerized LED Screen Advertising.


Pixel Pitch and resolution

Pixel pitch is centre to centre pixel distance. The shorter pixel pitch the higher resolution. Viewing distance is the main factor to decide about the pixel pitch. For normal indoor LED Screen advertising with image and video support P6 LED modules (6mm pitch) is a standard resolution. However, in some case required high resolution or very close viewing distance P4 LED modules (4mm pitch) is recommended. For outdoor application P8 or P10 (8mm and 10mm pixel pitch) for short viewing distance and P16 modules (16mm pitch) for far viewing distance are mostly used.

Everything You Need to Know About LED Screen Advertising

If you're thinking about the LED Screen Advertising establishment for your organisation, you need to know the innovation here. Ten years ago, only a little portion of the business approached LED Screen Advertising. Arenas, shopping centres and gambling clubs seemed to be the solitary spots where you'd find a shimmering computerized sign blind. Even so, as progressive innovation continues to develop, almost every industry uses these kinds of establishments. Also, who doesn't need a volume of video to attract customers?

Key Considerations

It's important to comprehend the innovation and the details to help it prior to planning the establishment of this scale. Until combination, here are a couple of things to recall:

Place (indoors or out)


Price of the image


Implementation easiness (space available)


Various variables will decide the kind of equipment you decided to utilize. While LCD is the most widely recognized of the two, LED is making up for lost time rapidly because of a fall in assembling costs. There are a few clarifications why entrepreneurs favor LED Screen advertisings with LEDs.

What are LED Screen advertisings?

LED Screen advertisings comprise of Direct View LED shows (otherwise called DV) that work together to show content as a solitary screen. Driven Screen advertisings are incredibly proficient on the grounds that it is the obligation of each part to direct and discharge its own light.

Light-Emitting Diodes

LED refer to  "light-emitting diode," a small, two-lead, semiconductor light source. LEDs are distinctive because they can create and reflect light on their own, more so than any other digital signage technology. It also tends to make them extremely powerful and long-lasting.


Merely tiny light bulbs are light emitting diodes which can be linked to an electrical circuit. Even so, with exception of regular bulbs, they do not even have a filament. They wouldn't burn out and therefore run high. In the material of the semiconductor, they are simply illuminated by the evolution of electrons. This is also the thing that characterises the tone of the bulb. Unlike other LED screen advertisements in which the images are illuminated, they are actually made by LEDs.


DV LED shows started as monochrome and then were normally used in advanced open-air signage. Everything that altered for the last aspect of the 90's, when RGB (colour) LEDs hit the market, and direct-view light-producing diode shows are definitely a major pattern in the advanced signage field.

Pixel Construction

In effect, the pixel thickness is substantially improved as the LED business continues to develop. The distinction that has so far distinguished LEDs and LCDs once is now rapidly closing.

LEDs utilised in LED Screen advertisings are distinctive since "supreme dark" can be developed by the showcases. This can be done by covering each LED with this dark epoxy. Then add shadows to isolate the lighting between the lights and eliminate reflections.


DV LED Screen Advertising consists of several small LED displays that are placed on a flat screen. Along these lines, it is critical to remember the normal review distance when making LED Screen advertising. In this scenario, the target is governed by the amount of pixels. The closer the individual is to the LED Screen Advertising, the better the accurate pixel pitch.

One pixel is similar to one surface mount device (SMD) in the LED Advertising Screen. The RGB is kicking the bucket on the little line. The pixel thickness is determined by pitch. The pitch of each SMD LED is managed by the distance (in mm).

LED Screen Advertising Is Providing Ease in The Advertising Industry

The LED Screen Advertising is used for rather large specific purpose. All these could be used for company practices in a sports centre. With advanced technology like greater clarity, better performance and production flexibility, LED Screen Advertising offers important advantages.

Enhance Resolution:

Pixel pitch to measure LED Screen Advertising resolution is the default scale. The pitch of a smaller pixel also has better resolution. The resolution began from a really low point which now has 4k screens with a horizontal pixel count. As production increases, resolution is rising and rising.

Brighter Colour:

LED Screen Advertising is capable of emitting bright colours in multiple lights. They have a seductive, wide angle that can be seen on either side of the show when all the colours work together. LED Screen Advertising now has a larger light display. This means that LED Screen Advertising can easily cope with any kind of weather, just the same as sunlight. This technology gives individuals live without any obstacles to perform outside occasions on a bright day.

Versatile Display:

The LED Screen Advertising panel is highly versatile. What is crucial is that the engineers have invested a significant amount of time on their optimal level landscape design. External displays face considerable challenges, such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, coastal air and extreme dryness. Advanced technology can be adapted to anything the world brings with that as well. That's also optimal for any area, from the arena to the front of the store to the broadcast kit, also because lead is glare-free.

This modern technology allows us to take a lot of action rapidly. Announcing anything a few years ago is quite challenging as well as complex, however this screen has provided so much ease. On request, you could get in the certain size and shape. It's as simple to use as you just need to install a file that you like to view. Since the show is attractive and more watchers anticipate it when contrasted with the business. You should show it as though you were dispatching another one. Simply expand on the screen and show some intriguing stuff. Spot the showcase screen in a decent position, so everyone can see the promoted objective and achieve it.


Top Best Digital Billboard Advertising Malaysia Digital Billboard Advertising


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