Express Highway Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen Electronic Panel Board Media Display Signage


Expressway / Highway Digital LED Billboard Advertising

MRR 2 Highway

Express Highway Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen Electronic Panel Board Media Display Signage

MMR 2 Highway  Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen Electronic Panel Board Media Display SignageMMR 2 Highway  Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen Electronic Panel Board Media Display SignageMMR 2 Highway  Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen Electronic Panel Board Media Display Signage

The Digital Billboard Advertisement Highway where located at MRR2 highway. MRR 2 Highway is also known as Middle Ring Road 2 in English and Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2 in Malay. The MRR 2 Highway passed through Kuala Lumpur. The Middle Ring Road was built to link neighborhoods near the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, as its name suggests. By placing MRR 2 Highway Digital LED Billboard Advertise screen known as a main highway or a big controlled-access highway, you can attract a large number of people. Most citizens nowadays have relocated to the city in order to live a better life. It can be said that the city's population will continue to grow. Simultaneously, the exposure of MRR 2 Highway Digital LED Billboard Advertising in high-density areas would increase. The motorist and driver who pass by the MRR2 highway will view the Highway Digital Billboard Advertisement.

Why Out of Home Advertising Works

In the modern generation, it is doubtless to say that people nowadays spend most of their time on-the-go. According to statistics, majority of the people spend almost three-quarters of their time outside their home everyday. As the amount of time spent out of home rises, people spend less time facing the traditional media such as television screen, radio and so on.

This phenomenon happens due to the rapidly changing environment, including technical and technological advancement. Therefore, many of the brands and marketing agencies recognize that outdoor advertising as one of the fastest-developing media formats. In fact, the demand and supply of this marketing tool is constantly increasing, proving that out-of-home advertising is one of the most vital and effective marketing strategies compared to other marketing tools.


Out-of-home (OOH) advertising creates strong impact on its customers, and yet, lasts long. Marketers are aware of the massive statistics. In fact, the impact of a LED advertisement screen on a massive traffic volume area can be hardly ignored. Unlike traditional media such as television or radio, people can just switch to another channel. In order to create a huge impact, marketers need to target a specific area where people are, especially places crowded by people such as shopping malls, express ways, T-junctions and so on.


It is proven that out-of-home advertising can test someone's creative idea. The creativity can be turned into an actual advertisement, in order to ensure it has a clear objective and lasts long. Original OOH advertisement creates a strong impression and image in our mind, in an ever-changing climate. Due to technology advancement, and the constant demand for advanced, faster, and better products, OOH advertising is the platform for you to unleash unlimited creativity in the advertising space.


As compared to other form of advertisement, out-of-home advertising is able to gain competitive advantage in term of audience targeting. This marketing tools utilize location to reach specific group of audiences more effectively. It is important for a company to study the location of the advertisement, such as the demographic and cultural factors, so that they can target the right audience at the right time. Moreover, by interpreting the data collected, firms are able to understand the impact of the advertisement to the audiences. By collecting and analyzing the data, firms know the amount of people being exposed to the ads, and also the number of audiences who were influenced and motivated to purchase the products because of it.


It is needless to say that time is equal to money. One firm can out-stand among its competitors if it can allocate and utilize the resources effectively, be it financial resources, or time. Generally, the time cost required to purchase OOH is very low, in fact the process can be done within minutes.

In addition, companies can utilize the time-specific feature of OOH advertising. For instance, McDonald’s has a weekly ad in Liverpool that plays off of the weather, with rain being communicated as fries pouring down and snow as a vanilla ice cream cone.


Companies should use interactive messages to stand out from its competitors. An interactive messages means that the individual who receives the messages is able to react, and take further action because of it. For example, if a person passes by a McDonald's LED screen, he or she will get receive a notification in their cellphone, telling them their favorite dinner set is having promotion at the nearest location.

The Benefits of Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen

Digital LED Billboard Advertising screens are not new. Think Piccadilly Circus and Times Square for example, both have been around for over a decade. During this time Digital LED Billboard Advertising were only available to the biggest global brands with huge marketing budgets. Now with the technical advancements, outdoor advertising has undergone some exciting changes. You might have noticed Digital LED Billboard Advertising in your local area being replaced with LED Screen Advertisings.

Why is digital so exciting? There are many benefits of using Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen:

Prime locations

Typically, Digital LED Billboard Advertising screens are installed to the busiest locations. More people passing through the Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen means more potential clients watching your ad.

Production cost savings

There are lower cost charges when changing an ongoing campaign ads, so you save on the cost for replace ads.

Shorter lead times

Your ad is sent to the computer electronically, which can happen in only a matter of hours. There's no need to submit a poster on paper two weeks before the ad goes up.

Multiple messages

When you have to advertise various shops, you can send different versions of your ad each with their address. If you need to advertise two separate goods or services, just send them in two ads-you can use your time slot to show them.

Flexible start dates

Outdoor advertising traditionally works in two week blocks and there are good reasons for this. However, with digital, you can start and end on the day you want. If your event is on a Wednesday, you can stop your advertising on a Wednesday, or the Tuesday before, or the Monday…

Shorter campaigns

In general , two weeks is the recommended time to view an outdoor commercial to maximize your exposure. However, there are circumstances where running your ad for a shorter number of hours over a longer period of time may be more advantageous. Have you got a particular offer every Tuesday? Just every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, you can opt to view your ad, stopping when your Tuesday bid stops running. This growing possible 'wastage' (when your advertising is less effective), making your budget more valuable to use.

Specific times of day

Think of the good you like. If you're an off-license or bar, would you like to advertise their morning commute to the people? The afternoon could be a great time to advertise your bottle of wine in the bargain. You can choose to capture the attention of people as they ride home from a stressful day at work!


Digital technology provides some fantastic artistic possibilities, taking advantage of all of the features above. Below are only a few examples of how you could use them. I 'm sure you can have more in mind for your business.

Are your restaurant open for dinner, lunch and breakfast?

Using three separate advertisements to show a coffee from 6am-11am, a sandwich from 11 am and 3 pm and a juicy steak from 3pm-8pm at the right time of day.

Does your fast-food location stay open late?

Advertise only between 10 pm and 3 am a delicious-looking kebab which will be an inexpensive and successful time to advertise.

Your travel agent has excellent winter sun prices, so warn sunny Tenerife when it reaches 10 degrees or below. Yup, it might be! We can set it up as long as we have your ad so it only displays when the temperature exceeds your defined range.

Instead, only advertise your ice-cream or ice-cold drinks and shady beer garden when the sun is out and bright!

Would you have the men and women 's products?

Would you have a women-only gym section, and a large free weights section? Send in two ads that allow you to split your time slot to promote both. When you purchased an ad every 2 minutes for 10 seconds, you would display one for 5 seconds, then the other. Or rotate them; show one ad for 10 seconds then show the other in your next 10 second position.

Opening of new shop, big event, launch of new product?

Do a countdown to the wonderful day. 'Buy your ticket today for only 5 days to go.'

Until now, booking digital outdoor advertising has been a complicated process. Bubble is changing this – with a few simple clicks, you can book your time slot on prime Digital LED Billboard Advertising screens throughout the UK. Check out our easy to use platform to start your search.

Why Do More And More Enterprise Prefer Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen

With the types of advertising having being more and more, such as advertising on television, internet advertising, Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen, billboard advertising, etc., enterprises have more selections. No matter what it is indoor advertising, or outdoor advertising, all of them have their own special advantages. For Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen, it has dominated important role in advertising market, because there are many advantages for this kinds of advertising.

1. Linked Loop Playback.

Being different from TV and internet ads, Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen ads is constant, it has plenty of time to circulate, all the weather to enjoy. On top of that, it has ample outdoor space, which has broadened its advantage. Although internet media still has a similar benefit, it is still in the virtual world, it also needs to get some conditions for the public.

2. The Playback Frequency is High.

Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen Ads can be strategically structured and distributed to create optimal coverage and duration for viewers. Therefore, if the Digital LED Screen Advertisement is played in the right time, place, and outdoor media, it can achieve ideal reach, spread more target markets, even coordinating with the lives of people.

3. Visual Effect.

The outdoor big screen Digital LED Billboard Advertising is very appealing and useful when it is installed in the area where the tourist has crowded flows. Many Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen advertisements have become popular landmark as it is constant and exceptional.

4. Strong Information Effect.

With technological development, large screen Digital LED Billboard Advertising is no longer to be tedious as before, the current large screen Digital LED Billboard Advertising can add additional elements to create comprehensive, abundant sensory stimulus. More components, such as figure, paragraph, three-dimensional articles and environments etc. can be implemented.

As it has so many advantages, Digital LED Billboard Advertising Screen has become the selection of more and more companies. More types of Digital LED screen advertising are being created with technological improvements, such as interactive Digital LED Billboard Advertising screen, special-shaped Digital LED screen, magic Digital LED screen, floor tile Digital LED screen etc. This advancement has meant that in the future Digital LED screen will become more relevant method of advertisement, it will attract more and more attention from enterprises. What we should do is to research and develop more Digital LED Screen Advertisings, to promote its technical development and to offer more business advertising advantage.

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