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As Perak is Peninsular Malaysia's second largest state, it boasts 21,000 sq. Km of land, making up 6.4 percent of Malaysia's total land banks. Ipoh, which was once a tin-rich mining town but has now become a peaceful city with a Chinese majority. The royal town of Kuala Kangsar, mountainous Taiping, peaceful Teluk Intan and coastal Lumut are its main cities.

Many foreign tourists like to travel to Perak, for example, Hong Kong people like to travel to Ipoh, because most of the Ipoh people also speak in Cantonese that makes them feel very cordial. Also, the tourists come from Mainland, China also like to travel to Ipoh, because Ipoh has the title of “Little Guilin”. Hence, it can be seen that Perak is a good attraction for foreign tourists. Therefore, it should be a good location for you to plan your Advertising Campaign.

What Are The Advantages Of Advertising Led Screens?

One of the marketing strategies that has grown the most internationally in recent years is outdoor LED Screen advertising. In comparison to a steady lack of interest in mainstream marketing, and both factors explain why LED Screen Advertising is a product that is rising in demand.

The fact is that digital signs are on the rise. Yet what enables businesses to follow this open-arms advertising model? There is really no single reason, but a combination of benefits makes every company's LED advertising billboards a safe bet. The advantage of LED Screen Advertising include:

• It allows much more creative messages and formats.

• They are perfect to personalize the message.

• The number of announcements and messages that can be issued is unlimited.

• They offer a long durability.

• Provide higher quality than conventional television monitors.

• They reflect substantial savings.

• These are suitable for ads written by third parties.

• Hiring experts from the design sector is not appropriate.

• It's a kind of publicity that can't be avoided.

• May be paired with other advertising forms.

There Are Some Variations Between LED Screen Inside and Outdoor

The difference between the indoor LED screen and the outdoor LED screen might not be important to most users. Some users may also inquire whether the indoor LED panel can be moved to outdoor use. The distinction between the indoor LED screen and the outdoor LED screen are based on these variation :

1. Brightness difference:

There are no high brightness requirements for the indoor LED screen, and the dynamic scanning circuit is its primary application. For the outdoor LED displays have higher brightness requirements,it is use a static scanning circuit, and the hardware gap between the two is very large.

2. Waterproof difference:

The specifications of the indoor LED structure are essentially non-waterproof, although the waterproof requirements are very high for outdoor LED screens, even though it is a simple waterproof treatment. Since Outdoor LED Screen Advertising often face outdoor wind and rain, they have to be carried out during the manufacture of cables and casings.

3. The difference in line of sight:

Indoor LED displays can only be viewed from a short distance away. The scale is generally between P1.5, P1.75, P2, P2.5, P3 and P4 and the area is relatively small, normally within 100 square meters. While outdoor LED Screen Advertising require a fairly long viewing distance and usually the range is between P8 and P20.

What Should Pay Attention For Led Screen Maintenance

Led Screen Advertising widely used commercial lighting, it can not only play the function of commercial lighting, but can also be used as advertisement screen, the Led screen is usually used outdoors, and if not for good maintenance, the LED Screen Advertising life span would be greatly shortened. Led Screen Advertising maintenance capability is quite easy.