Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising

Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising

Outdoor advertising is also important if you want to attract a target market locally. Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel give life to the photos and are especially

successful in driving product and sign recognition on passersby.A effective ad campaign needs simple, oriented visuals, and because of their advantages over other offline tools and resources,

marketers are adopting Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel en masse.

Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising
Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising

Unlike many of our items, such as chalkboards and pavement signs, Street Lamp Post Digital LED panels can be used to draw passengers who might not be able to access your shop. We are also useful for promoting deals, promotions, and sales or for encouraging consumer s to visit social media pages and sign up for the latest newsletter and updates.

Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising

Our Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel can be used in the marketing and advertisement chain as a key link, enabling brands to monitor their message through all touch points.

Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising

Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel are energy-efficient.These consume much less power than fluorescent lights, can be used for long time periods,and are cost-effective.

Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising
Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising
Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising
Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising
Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising
Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising

LED are perfect to slash your carbon footprint. Implementation of green technologies is now a top priority for modern companies and Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panels are environmentally friendly. LED have superior longevity, are durable and need no additional bulbs or pipes. LED increase the brand message's reach. Perhaps most importantly, Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising can ensure that consumers can quickly and easily see all promotions and ad campaigns in-store.

Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel Advertising

What Makes An LED Screen The Right Option For You

What is the reason that you should choose LED Screen? The High Definition LED Screens are the next step in digital display technology. As a highly interactive form of digital media, it grabs attention and delivers a message to the audience.

You could replay and display images, video, text and live data on a much larger physical scale, for example, a flat-screen television. Unlike typical show shapes, LED displays are fully transparent and do not get blurred out by harsh ambient light. To make your post absolutely impossible, have a smooth video wall.

We have seen a number of bad installations where companies have chosen to install LCD display walls over an LED panel that provides very poor output in very bright areas.

Ideal for use in very bright settings: exterior, displays, light atriums,

A fully transparent LED screen is a single video block with no ties visible on the wall.

Size factor-such effects are achieved only by large scale LED screens

Compared to other types of displays, better value for money-screens will have greater efficiency and lower costs.

Trend About Outdoor LED Screen Market

The mechanics of the modern world of advertising have fundamentally changed. A broad round of applause for the LED invention. In general, the LED stands for a light emitting diode. This is a semiconductor that at different wavelengths absorbs light from the visible spectrum. The outdoor LED signage is, in basic words, a flat panel screen or display. It is a group of one-pixel clustered LEDs. Such pixels support the display of information. They have high luminosity on these displays. Outdoor LED displays include automated outdoor signage, video walls, perimeter boards and LED billboards.

1.Valuation of the global LED market

The market for the Global Outdoor LED display in 2016 is worth around $4 billion. It is anticipated that the figures will display an upward trend of about $14 billion by 2023. The CAGR will increase by 21.7 per cent from 2017-2023.

Did you notice that, for all outdoor LED advertising applications, digital billboards earned the highest revenue in 2016? Although the category that was individually installed was instrumental in market growth. It is hoped that the CAGR will increase in the coming years by more than 20%.

2.Key players of the outdoor LED Screen market

The outdoor LED display market for the year 2016 was largely dominated by Asia-Pacific. It earned approximately 40 percent of the overall market share in the year 2016. In the years ahead, the industry is expected to expand further. Japan, China, India and other countries are many of the key potential participants.

3. The increasing popularity of outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor digital displays are popular day in day out. It is largely due to innovation and advances in outdoor LED display making technology. Today, massive sales have been triggered by wireless control systems, high lighting, crisp quality images and automated LED displays. The use of this incredibly useful commodity has been expanded by the high-tech manufacturing of new LED displays. They are widely used in open area gatherings, sporting galas, carnivals, festivals, and other metrological warnings.

Golden Rules For Marketing On Your LED Screen

The way you want to reveal it

Provide a call to action in your message.

• Change the source material to conform to the time of day. For instance, if you own a restaurant you are able to promote morning breakfast specials, afternoon lunch and evening special dinner deals.

Do not use your messages to scroll through. Drivers were unable to read quickly while passing by. Keep it to the screen where the whole message would match, short and simple.

• Do not use text with all capital letters or letters in the lowercase. Then you might use the title case to make it easier for passers-by to read your message.

Use fonts that are simple and easy to read. Drivers just have to look at your sign and read it for a short second, and do not accelerate to interpret sophisticated lettering. It's easier to read sans fonts like Tahoma or Verdana than serif fonts like Times New Roman or Courier, for instance.