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Kuala Lumpur Street Lamp Post ​LED e Bunting Advertising Digital Screen Ads

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Outdoor advertising is also relevant if you wish to attract a local target audience. Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel gives life to the images and is especially good in driving product and sign awareness on passersby. Effective ad campaign needs easy, oriented visuals and marketers are embracing Street Lamp Post Digital LED Panel because of their advantages over other offline tools and resources

Our Street Lamp Post Automated LED Panel may be viewed as a main connection in the marketing and advertisement chain, enabling marketers to follow their messaging across all touch points.

How to Pick a Suitable Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting

How It All Works

Select an Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings that meets your requirements for a pixel pitch (resolution).

• Identify the size, style and form of your screen, or choose a popular model.

• Any size and style is available since smaller modular panels are built into Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings.

• A variety of methods stacked to flown from the ground will benefit our screens.

• Decide on your phone what you want, and let us do the rest!

Understanding Resolution

The resolution is the actual distance measured in millimeters from the middle of one pixel to its nearest pixel. The higher the amount, the lower the pixels and the lower the resolution; the fewer the number, the higher the pixels and the higher the resolution. Just one step forward, let's take. Resolution is the number of pixels in the physical area of your Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting. The more pixels per square meter you have, the more information will expose your wall. In total resolution, monitor size, pixel technology, pixel pitch and distance of view are determined.

Resolution Vs Viewing Distance

You can not only allow you to better suit the right product with the distance and resolution correlating, but can also save you a lot of money. Distance viewing is rather arbitrary, but can be calculated roughly depending on the display form and display distance. The minimum vision distance that can differ according to application and intended usage should be recommended for monitoring.

The size of a document is one thing people seem to think about in particular on an LED show. Text is often misunderstood and can render your use ineffective if you are not careful. This can mostly be explained by the following principle: the greater the character, the longer the distance to be seen, while the shorter the distance to be seen would be a small character. The more space you have and the number of pixels, the better the content.


Brightness Comparison

When it comes to luminance, projectors and LED Bunting use two different ways of calculation. LUX measurement projectors for NIT LED measurements

3.426 LUX = 1 NIT

What does that mean? That means an NIT is nearly three and a half times lighter than a LUX. This means that you can run LED walls at a brightness that extends the lives of your LED wall at about 20-30 percent!

Leads The New Form Of Advertising- Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting

Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting advertising is a wide market for applications. In Kuala Lumpur, outdoor advertising typically involves outdoor billboards, large lightboxes, posters, outdoor LED displays and Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting that are essential in form, content-specific and have security problems. In some places of practical applications, many traditional advertisement models have become slowly obsolete.

However, traditional advertisement screens are often opaque, and the weight of the general advertising screen is often heavier due to the choice of material and product technology, and they can have a major effect on daylight on the advertising space, with high demands for bearing support. The LED bunting, popular in outdoor displays, scales tens of thousands of meters square, making it easy to increase the body weight of the display. Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting beads are bright and light pollution simple to cause. Transparent ​LED Bunting light transmittance, thin texture which was avoided by the traditional screen, caused a range of shortcomings.

Transparent Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting contributes to a modern mode of publicity presentation that has become the newest phenomenon of society and aligns with current 'innovation,' "personality" and 'unique' ideas and social development. In future, the transparent LED bunting has huge potential!

Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting Characteristics and Classifications

Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting Market Prospects

Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting uses low power scanning driver and has the benefit that it can meet different needs in the various application scenarios and innovations very bright. The ​LED Bunting have low power consumption, long life, low cost, high brightness, large viewing angle, viewing distance, waterproofing and varied specifications. Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting applications with the greatest potential for growth are generally seen as the quickest market. The market value of China ​LED Bunting is about 100 billion in 2008. With Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and the Asian Games Guangzhou as well as other major competitions, the ​LED Bunting Display Application Room is also expanding with widely used exhibition rooms in stadiums, airports, train stations, banks, schools, public places, business and residential communities. However, the wide Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting was replaced every 10 years by a substitute wave. Outdoor ​LED Bunting shows are becoming increasingly accessible in different industries as people are living in quality.

Characteristics of the Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings

In comparison with other wide screen terminals, Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting often offer high luminosity: outdoor LED Buntings are more than 8000mcd/m2, are currently the only large-screen outdoor weather end; ​LED Buntings are indoor SCREEN: display is more bright than 2000md/ m2; Long lifetime ​LED Buntings are 100000 hours (10 years) or more, LED Buntings are more than 8000mcd/m2. The angle size of view depends on the LED Bunting's Light Emitting Diode Type. The screen area is wide or small, up to 100,000 square meters, small and can be easily accessed via the computer's interface and is supporting rich software.

Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting Classifications

Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting classification is various, and it can be broadly classified in accordance with the following ways:

The LED bunting surface is typically small and high in point density and is used in direct sunlight or light condition in Kuala Lumpur. Viewing distance is a few meters away, and the screen structure has no waterproof density. This can be categorized into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor displays, depending on environmental applications. A wider screen surface is required for the wide exterior display, decreases the point density, can be used under direct sunlight and the bunting is resistant to heavy rain and lightning. The semi-outdoor display differs from outdoor to indoor display, has a higher luminance seal and can be used under direct sunlight, the body of the bunting has a certain density and is usually used in the roof or windows.