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LED screen are perfect for cutting the carbon footprint. The introduction of renewable technology is now a high priority for urban companies, including environmentally sustainable Street Lamp Post Wireless LED screens. LEDs are excellent in longevity, robust and require no additional lamps or tubing.

LED 's increasing the scope of the brand post. Most notably possibly, Street Lamp Post Automated LED Panel Ads will guarantee that shoppers will display both deals and marketing initiatives in-store rapidly and conveniently.

Advantages And Characteristics Of Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting Advertising

1. Visual influence high

The Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting has a wide scale of dynamic and sound and picture characteristics that can reach the senses of the viewer all over and efficiently convey information for direct consumption. The audience is profoundly interested. Due to limited memory space and an unending distribution of information, the attention of the Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting has slowly become a scarce resource. The attention economy has therefore become the largest to measure the advertising effect.

2.Great coverage

Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings are usually situated in industrial high-end areas and heavy densities of transport. The LED bunting triggers strong client expectations and launches through high-frequency customer contact.

3. The public has a low resentment rate

Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting advertisements are broadcasting programmed to more viewers in real time and through live broadcasting technology. The content involves materials, boards, varied shows, comics, radio dramas, TV series etc., all of which reduce the contact difficulty caused by the public's intentional avoidance. Research has shown that the Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting ad tolerance rate is slightly lower than TV advertising.

4. Update town level

To publish such government information and town propaganda movies using Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting ads that can enhance not only the imagery of the city, but also the appearance and taste of the city. Sports facilities, venue centers, advertising, transport etc. now have the popular use of LED buntings, that represents indirectly the economic, cultural and social life of Selangor.

What Should You Know Before Buying A Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting?

Street Lamp Post LED Bunting has a higher brightness than LED TVs and other cameras. Brightness is measured per square meter with nits or candles. The greater the luminosity, the higher the luminosity.

Lower displays are more expensive to view and require more power. Also, you must choose a show that has the right brightness to meet your needs, so that anything that is not required will not be charged extra. LED screen use display with lower light intensity indoor, whereas Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting with water resistance need to use brighter LED bunting. The screens have a higher light intensity.

Choose your equipment’s brightness depending on the lighting of the future screen location


The ambiguity between brightness and heat protection are one of the most prevalent misconceptions. This mistake is caused by disappointing sellers delivering only to higher fee to customers who do not require expensive and wasteful Street Lamp Post ​LED Buntings. The trick is not that indoor displays with higher brightness appear as bright and vibrant as LED buntings.

These LED indoor displays have no weather-resistant characteristics because they don't need them. It saves you a lot of money because it raises the price of your screen. The truth is screen brightness is totally independent of its heat safety.

What You Need to Be Noticed When Choosing Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting Advertising

The purpose is to install a ​LED Bunting in Selangor. For indoor or outdoor applications. Concentrate on setting photos, text, videos or graphics. What kind of news you want to offer you, entertainment or information. It helps you reduce your choices so that you can find the one that suits your unique needs.

Ask Yourself These Questions Consider These:

Factors Environmental Factors

Matte displays are preferred to glossy ones when used for outdoor advertisements because they are less susceptible to beautiful, blinding light.

Size Matter

The greater the environment or space, the more exciting the impacts will be, the greater the amount you place on your advertising screen.

Compatibility With The Software

You can compatible with the computer you use as an advanced media player as an integrated panel, or as a plug-in edition stick, and as a digital Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting advertisement.

Resolution Matter

Note that the specifications for the new HD models do not fit any HD display. As an Street Lamp Post ​LED Bunting, a new HD version can be marketed. Many digitally signaled players return to the original resolution automatically.